Troy Howard wrestlers win regional crown


Posted: March 24th, 2008 by Tom Nolette

Troy Howard wrestlers win regional crown
C-RMS and HAL round out top three
By Dwight Collins

Troy Howard Middle School's wrestling team holds up the championship trophy after winning the Pine Tree Wrestling League Eastern Regional title Saturday at BAHS. DWIGHT COLLINS

C-RMS wrestlers pose with the 2008 PTWL East Region runner-up trophy after finishing second to Troy Howard Middle School Saturday. DWIGHT COLLINS

BELFAST — The Troy Howard Middle School wrestling team captured the 2008 Pine Tree Wrestling League’s east region title on Saturday at Belfast High School. The Lions outlasted Midcoast rivals Camden-Rockport and Hope-Appleton-Lincolnville for the team title in a meet that wasn’t decided until the final round. Camden-Rockport and Troy Howard both qualified 12 grapplers for next weekend’s league championships at Nokomis High School. HAL qualified 11 wrestlers to next weeks meet, while Medomak Valley qualified six and Rockland District Middle School has five. The top four wrestlers in each weight class qualify for the league championships.

Final team scores were: 1, Troy Howard 195, Camden-Rockport 186, Hope-Appleton-Lincolnville 170.5, Brewer 113, Bucksport 92, Medomak Valley 78, Rockland 76, Hermon 69, Ellsworth 55.5, Nokomis 28.5 and Lincoln Academy 20.

Midcoast grapplers winning individual titles were Rockland’s Chris Weiss (75 pounds) and Aaron Weiss (155); Troy Howard’s Brent Waterman (93), John Seekins (111) and Lyndon Whitcomb (135); Camden-Rockport’s Tom Cassidy (105), Peter Bryant (117) and Rhett Chase (240); and HAL’s Calen Bragg (81), Coleman Powers (87) and Jared Gilbert (99).

Finishing second were Evan Drinkwater (81), Jordan Hill (99), Ethan Fitzjurls (123) and Nick Littlefield (129), Peter Kelly (147) of THMS; Josh Dean (93), Wyatt Parra (105), Tristan Leidinger (117), Anthony Batty (135) and Codi Hynd (175) of HAL. Zach Rideout (111), Dylan Look (141) and Zac Sawyer (165) of Medomak Valley and Steve Widdecomb (155), Brandon Graffam (190) and Shawn Rich (210) of Camden-Rockport.

Also qualifing for THMS are Chapin Lamont (4th 105), Riley Duggan (3rd 117), Dylan Bernosky (3rd 141) and Jordan Luther (3rd 155).

For HAL, John Underhill (3rd 75), Dakota Summers (4th 129) and James Gushee (4th 141) will extend their season another week, while Camden-Rockport’s Brooks Bumbalo (3rd 81), Ben Fernald (3rd 93), Anders Bratz (3rd 147), Ryan Graffam (3rd 165), Nick Linscott (4th 123) and Josh Smith (4th 135) will join them.

Rockland’s Thomas Boynton (3rd 111), Seth Batty (3rd 210) and Robert Gardiner (3rd 240) and Medomak Valley’s Adam Lynch (3rd 135) and Dylan Upham (4th 117) round out the Midcoast contingent

Midcoast grapplers listed by place of finish were:

C-RMS wrestlers pose with the 2008 PTWL East Region runner-up trophy after finishing second to Troy Howard Middle School Saturday. DWIGHT COLLINS
75 pounds — Weiss, RDMS, defeated Teran Booth, Nok, 10-1; defeated Walker Roberts, THMS, 4-2; and defeated Mark Smith, Brew, 9-4 to finish first. Underhill, HAL, lost to Alex Peterson, Her, 14-2; defeated Connor Winchenbach, CRMS, 15-0; pinned Walker Roberts, THMS, at 1:40; and defeated Peterson, Her, 7-2 to finish third. Roberts pinned Jack Weeks, Ells, at 0:49; lost to Weiss 4-2; and was pinned by Underhill at 1:40. Winchenbach was pinned by Smith, Brew, at 0:38 and lost to Underhill 15-0.

81 pounds — Bragg, HAL, received a bye; pinned Jordan Lord, Buck, at 0:30, and pinned Drinkwater, THMS, at 0:30 to finish first. Drinkwater, THMS, pinned Jackson Leonard, at 1:28; defeated Brooks Bumbalo, CRMS, 4-0; and was pinned by Bragg at 0:30 to finish second. Bumbalo pinned Kyle Lima, Ells, at 0:32; lost to Drinkwater, THMS, 4-0; pinned Mike Turner, Her, at 0:26; and pinned Lord, Buck, at 2:41 to finish third.

87 pounds — Powers, HAL, pinned Braden Beardsley, Ells, at 0:22, pinned Alex Brown, at 0:27; and pinned Anthony Sprigg, Brew, at 2:49 to finish first. Mason Hurd, THMS, lost to Cody Staples, Her, 15-2; and was pinned by Todd Anderson, LA, at 0:54 and did not place.

93 pounds — Waterman, THMS, pinned David Shepardson, Her, at 0:19; pinned Fernald, CRMS, at 0:35; and pinned Dean, HAL, at 2:50 to finish first. Dean, HAL, received a bye; pinned Matt Stewart, Buck, at 2:11; and was pinned by Waterman, THMS, at 2:50 to finish second. Fernald pinned Cory Eaton, Brew, at 2:37; was pinned by Waterman, THMS, at 0:35; received a bye; and pinned Eaton, Brew, at 1:46 to finish third.

99 pounds — Gilbert, HAL, received a bye; pinned Robert Benner, Ells, at 0:41; and defeated Jordan Hill, THMS, 4-2 to finish first. Hill defeated Shawn Sprague, RDMS, 12-2; defeated Tim Lewis, Her, 2-0 and lost to Gilbert, HAL, 4-2 to finish second. Sprague, RDMS, lost to Hill, THMS, 12-2; pinned Lucas Ashmore, buck, at 0:44; and lost to Benner, Ells, 15-0 and did not place.

105 pounds — Cassidy, CRMS, pinned Cory McMillian, Ells, at 1:06; pinned Tristan Brooks, Nok, at 0:27; and pinned Wyatt Parra, HAL, at 1:33 to finish first. Parra, HAL, pinned Chapin Lamont, THMS, at 0:43; pinned Luke Potter, Her, at 2:32; and was pinned by Cassidy, CRMS, at 1:33 to finish second. Lamont, THMS, was pinned by Parra, HAL, at 0:43; received a bye; pinned Brooks, Nok, at 2:44; and lost to Potter, Her, 9-5 to finish fourth.

111 pounds —Seekins, THMS, pinned Tom Merrill, Ells, at 0:40; pinned Thomas Boynton, RDMS, at 1:15; and defeated Zach Rideout, MV, 9-0 to finish first. Rideout, MV, pinned Mark Fowler, HAL, at 0:34; pinned Kenny Dyer, Buck, at 2:31 and lost to Seekins, THMS, 9-0 to finish second. Boynton, RDMS, defeated Kyle Monahan, CRMS, 14-1; was pinned by Seekins, THMS, at 1:15; defeated Devon Lovell, Herm, 9-0; and pinned Dyer, Buck, at 1:00 to finish third. Fowler, HAL, was pinned by Rideout, MV, at 0:34; and was pinned by Lovell, Her, at 1:41 and did not place. Monahan, CRMS, lost to Boynton, RDMS, 14-1; defeated Merrill, Ells, 0:42; and lost to Dyer, Buck, 10-4 and did not place.

117 pounds— Bryant, CRMS, pinned Kim Farley, Ells, 0:11; pinned Riley Duggan, THMS, at 0:21; and pinned Tristan Leidinger, HAL, at 1:36 to finish first. Leidinger, HAL, pinned Cole Barbour, RDMS, at 0:59; defeated Taylor Miller, Buck, 9-3; and was pinned by Bryant, at 1:36 to finish second. Duggan, THMS, defeated Dylan Upham, MV, 7-0; was pinned by Bryant, CRMS, at 0:21; defeated Barbour, RDMS, 8-7; and pinned Upham, MV, at 1:37 to finish third. Upham, MV, lost to Duggan, THMS, 7-0; received a bye; and lost to Duggan, THMS, 8-7 and did not place.

123 pounds — Fitzjurls, THMS, pinned Jake St. Pierre, RDMS, at 0:23; defeated Jordan Fogg, Buck, 6-0; and lost to Nick Bishop, 7-2 to finish second. Nick Linscott, CRMS, defeated Nick Pooley, MV, 14-3; lost to Bishop, Her, 5-4; pinned Dakota Bartlett, Brew, 0:23; and was pinned by Fogg, Buck, at 2:40 to finish fourth. Colt Muir, HAL, pinned Zach Gilbert, LA, at 0:18; was pinned by Bishop, at 0:37;and was pinned by Pooley, MV, at 0:39 and did not place. St. Pierre, RDMS, defeated Katelyn, Mosley, Ells, 7-0; was pinned by Fitzjurls, THMS, and lost to Bartlett, Brew, 9-7 and did not place.

129 pounds — Littlefield, THMS, received a bye; pinned Dakota Summers, HAL, at 0:28; and was pinned by Nate Davies, Brew, at 1:59 to finish second. Summers, HAL, received a bye; was pinned by Littlefield, THMS, at 0:28; pinned Jacob Stewart, Buck, at 2:22; and lost to Andrew Bryant, LA, 5-3 to finish fourth.

135 pounds — Whitcomb, THMS, received a bye; defeated Josh Smith, CRMS, 15-2; and defeated Anthony Batty, HAL, 5-0 to finish first. Batty, HAL, pinned Michael Grimble, Brew, at 0:26; pinned Adam Lynch, MV, at 0:14; and lost to Whitcomb, THMS, 5-0 to finish second. Lynch, MV, pinned Blake Hay, LA, at 0:49; was pinned by Batty, HAL, at 0:14; defeated Dean Donavan, Ells, 13-4; and pinned Smith, CRMS, at 0:31 to finish third. Smith, CRMS, defeated Donavan, Ells, 8-4; lost to Whitcomb, THMS, 15-2; pinned Grimble, Brew, at 1:40; and was pinned by Lynch, MV, at 0:31 to finish fourth.

141 pounds — Look, MV, pinned Alex Urquhart, Her, at 2:53; defeated Dylan Bernosky, 8-7; and was pinned by Victor Irwin, Brew, at 0:37 to finish second. Bernosky, THMS, received a bye; lost to Look, MV, 8-7; pinned Blake Haas, Ells, at 0:35; and pinned James Gushee, HAL, at 1:33 to finish third. Gushee received a bye; was pinned by Erwin, Brew, at 0:43; pinned Urquhart, Her, at 2:00; and was pinned by Bernosky, THMS, at 1:33 to finish fourth.

147 pounds — Kelly, THMS, received a bye; defeated Aaron Guyette, Ells, 13-6; and was pinned by Adam Micheller, Nok, at 1:27. Bratz, CRMS, received a bye; was pinned by Micheller, at 2:35; received a bye; and pinned Guyette, Ells, at 2:35 to finish third. Brandon Vinal, HAL, was pinned by Micheller, Nok, at 0:25; received a bye; and was pinned by Guyette, Ells, at 0:50 and did not place.

155 pounds — Weiss, RDMS, pinned Sam Lounder, Ells, at 0:31; pinned Dustin Willey, Herm, at 1:25; and pinned Widdecomb, CRMS, at 2:35 to finish first. Widdecomb, CRMS, received a bye; pinned Jordan Luther, THMS, at 0:15; and was pinned by Weiss, RDMS, at 2:35 to finish second. Luther, THMS, pinned Ricky Gould, Nok, at 1:42; was pinned by Widdecomb, CRMS, at 0:15; pinned Lounder, Ells, at 2:19; and pinned Willey, Her, at 2:53 to finish third..

165 pounds — Sawyer, MV, received a bye; pinned Kyle Jackson, Nok, at 2:52; and was pinned by Chris Powell, Buck, at 0:19 to finish second. Ryan Graffam, CRMS, pinned Kevin Gooley, Her, at 2:59; was pinned by Powell, Buck, at 0:58; received a bye; and defeated Mike Phillapon, Ells, 7-6 to finish third.

175 pounds — Hynd received a first and second round bye; and lost to Josh Fowler, Ells, 7-2 to finish second.

190 pounds — Brandon Graffam, CRMS, received a bye; pinned Mike Garland, Ells, at 0:21; and was pinned by Marcus Eaton, Brew, at 0:23 to finish second.

210 pounds — Rich, CRMS, received a bye; pinned Pat Kidder, Ells, at 0:49; and was pinned by Shawn Smith, Buck, at 0:36 to finish second. Batty, RDMS, received a bye; was pinned by Smith, Buck, at 1:31; received a bye; and pinned Kidder, Ells, at 2:44 to finish third.

240 pounds — Chase, CRMS, received a bye; pinned Robert Gardiner, RDMS, at 0:14; and pinned Damon Klinedinst, Buck, at 0:42 to finish first. Gardiner received a bye; was pinned by Chase, CRMS, at 0:14; and received byes through to a third place finish.