The passing of Geezil...

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nice piece on Geez from the KJ

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re-posted in 2020 with more .. 

"When you find the "magic", it is like euphoria, everyone is happy and excited, and it is contagious, feeding off into the crowd. The players seem to be mesmerized about their warm-ups, and deadly serious about each others contribution to the last man. An outsider would sense that something was happening; and unless he had ever seen, or felt the "magic" before, he would become totally befuddled by the intensity registered on the player`s faces, and the steely glaze of the eyes like someone might take their "magic" away."

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...geezil is a icon...he gave us "magic" and the arc of a ball..."uns"...and the "block and charge"....and love of the game though time....a Hall of Fame poster and the most beloved..

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Be on the lookout for the endangered geezil. It is unknown how many a left in the state. Indigenous to Central Maine but known to migrate north during the colder months of winter to satisfy an appetite for vitamin D.

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Re: Over the years, your favorite player (s) to watch

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............My point of reference is 1950. We could begin with Stanley (Beal), Harold (Alley), Bobby (Jones) and Jackie (Scott), many others between like Barney Smith, and ending with Tmac, Bowie, etc. I figure that everyone knew their last names--but these names were before some of us were born--so I added them later. Migod 3 of them were Class S--I am freakin bad even then.

Re: Over the years, your favorite player (s) to watch
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..............There is no question that Pelotte and the players that surrounded him caught my fancy. The incubator that was Valley created him--and I search for that. That`s why I took in CA and Washburn (at Mars Hill) and enjoyed every damm minute of it...............Who was the only other Division 1 player (a male, by the way) to come from Clinton? I`ll post it later. He could score.This is a great trivia question--Bobby Jones of Clinton High School (Class S) played for the University of Maine. THE QUESTION--Who was the best MALE basketball player from Clinton to play for the University of Maine?

Note following Geezil post to thread is 7 years later

Re: Over the years, your favorite player (s) to watch
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………..….Wherever and whenever the legends played--some of us went--Now I`m too goddamm old (86) to travel like that. You`d show up and the real fans that knew were there.

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Geezil at MBR ASW 2003 ..

Let us also remember / pray for Aleigh Mills - Kents Hill who is pictured with the Class D west team.  She was killed in 2007 #RIP ..

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Always enjoyed reading Geezil`s posts and some of the banter that took place back when MBR was rockin`. Fondly remember when I took him and Speed on the tour of Beals. Showing him where a couple of his boyhood idols(Stanley Beal and Harold Alley) lived,seeing the 3 gold balls at Beals elementary that the Beals high school won and then up to the high school to watch who he really came to see,which wasn`t me,but some kid named Garet. A class act all the way. Glad I knew him in the way that I did. RIP Geezil. Class D forever!


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it was 1999-2000 season at the expo when the Geez entered into MBR land ...  

This is the Valley team that brought him into surburbia at the Expo in Portland .  East Grand had his interest too .. but here`s the Valley stroy for those who are not familar with their special place in Maine HS basketball history..

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A few thoughts after Mondays Funeral Mass ….   

Remembrance of Ed Coffin by:  Coach Kissy Walker - 33rd year at Husson Women’s basketball in Bangor.    
A story told first as a girl Kissy growing up in Augusta and then as a long time college coach. In beautiful ways, she described a man ahead of his times, a thinker outside the box.  In a time when girls were still fighting for playing time with the boys, Coach Coffin recognized, supported, and encouraged Kissy until she broke through.  She then went on to give Coach Coffin credit for many of her philosophies in dealing with and instructing young people as a college coach.  

As Coach Coffin would say, “Good things happen when you persist and believe.”

Coach Walker:  Bio

St .Mary of the Assumption Church -    Christian Mass of Burial
History of:  

There were many moments with geez and MBR ,  (he travelled to Florida with us as an assistant coach on MBR team coached by Carl Parker ) but the point I’d like to make; He already lived a full live raising a family, a successful business and yet still was totally engaged from the moment we met until shortly before his passing. We had spoken a few months ago and he was jovial, upbeat, excited, and thankful. He lived in the moment, a good example for us all.  

History of Ed Coffin ( aka Geezil) and MBR : 1999 -2000 season it began..
In his late 60’s Geezil shows up at the Portland expo at the preseason event MBR helped organize and promote. I remember him popping in by the table where Wiz and I were and started up some dialogue. We had no clue who this guy was with the yellow jacket.  I saw him sitting across the way and then later in the bathroom area when he proclaimed “ Class D forever”  ..

That was the beginning of a great love affair with MBR hoop fans and Geezil . His comments usually needed to be pondered and if you didn’t have enough knowledge or experiences you may be left scratching your head.   MBR forum boards were exploding uncontrollable in those days, so there was   passion flowing from many sides .. Geezil often time shots came across the bow Wiz and suburbia and vice-versa.  It was fun as Geez and other poster to tried to figure out which AKA the WIZ was using (allegedly)  Ref talk was something Geez loved, but even with his son Jim being a top official and others knowing who he was , he still told it like he saw it .. For the longest time, seems like years, the topic turned to who is “reffan” at games .. Refs worked Geez to work me ..lmao ….  To this day, we do not know who reffan is , now found on twitter  

One of my most favorite trips was to the county. Matt Townsend and I picked up Geezil in Augusta and the 3 of us stayed at Matt’s parents’ house in Mars Hill  . Then a double header , 1st at P.I. than at Central Aroostook.  By the time we got to CA vs Washburn, the doors were locked, filled. Thankfully MT is a legend at CA and they had saved us some seats on the floor. And lobster rolls too !!   picture of crowd: