July 16 : $1 million prize - The Basketball Tournament: Maine`s Nik Caner-Medley and Nick Mayo to compete

Nick Mayo

Posted by: MBR on Fri Jul 16th, 2021 5:43 am

This Friday, July 16, at 4:00 PM 

Only 12 teams remain in Wichita after Day One

DateTimeRoundGame #MatchupChannel

Fri 7/162p EDT/1p CDT1Game 1(6) Team Arkansas vs (11) Fort Worth FunkESPN3

Fri 7/164p EDT/3p CDT1Game 2(7) Purple & Black vs (10) Omaha Blue CrewESPN3

Fri 7/167p EDT/6p CDT1Game 3(3) Challenge ALS vs (14) We Are D3ESPN

Fri 7/169p EDT/8p CDT1Game 4(2) AfterShocks vs (15) Ex-PatsESPN2

Sat 7/171p EDT/12p CDT1Game 5(5) Florida TNT vs (12) Kimchi ExpressESPN3

Sat 7/173p EDT/2p CDT1Game 6(4) LA Cheaters vs (13) Mental ToughnessESPN3

Sat 7/176p EDT/5p CDT1Game 7(1) Eberlein Drive vs (16) NG SaintsESPN3

Sat 7/178p EDT/7p CDT1Game 8(8) The Enchantment vs (9) Stillwater StarsESPN3

Sun 7/182p EDT/1p CDT2Game 9Game 1 Winner vs Challenge ALSESPN3

Sun 7/184p EDT/3p CDT2Game 10Game 2 Winner vs Game 4 WinnerESPN

Sun 7/187p EDT/6p CDT2Game 11Game 5 Winner vs Game 6 WinnerESPN3

Sun 7/189p EDT/8p CDT2Game 12Game 7 Winner vs Game 8 WinnerESPN3

Tue 7/207p EDT/6p CDT3Game 13Game 11 Winner vs Game 12 WinnerESPN2

Tue 7/209p EDT/8p CDT3Game 14Game 9 Winner vs Game 10 WinnerESPN2

No Nik Caner-Medlety in Fridays game ?  

Nick Mayo had a nice 1st game ....  

Sunday` s scoring leaders


MBR wrote:

No Nik Caner-Medlety in Fridays game ?  

Nick Mayo had a nice 1st game ....  

Was looking forward to watching Nik play. i don`t know what happened or why, but his name was taken off their roster.