Posted by: MaineFan2019 on Thu Apr 15th, 2021 11:37 am

Dor Saar has found her new home and will be attending Middle Tenn. Good Mid-Major program for her.

Posted by: Blind Zebras on Thu Apr 15th, 2021 12:07 pm

Yeah, I never thought she would make a drastic move up the ladder to a power conference. Could be a good fit

Posted by: turkeyman on Thu Apr 15th, 2021 2:18 pm

  Think you`re right, BZ. MTSU just lost the nation`s second-leading scorer (26.5 ppg), Anastasia Hayes, and her sister, Aislynn, to Mississippi State. It was the second transfer for Anastasia, who was kicked off the team at UT as a freshman. Their third sister, Alasia, is transferring to Mississippi State from Notre Dame. They are from MTSU`s hometown, Murfressboro.

  Not sure how much PT Dor will get there. The MTSU press release quotes coach Rick Insell as saying he has a great group of guards coming in, including Indiana`s Miss Basketball. And Insell is noted for not substituting a lot. C-USA coaches have complained sometimes out loud that he runs up the score. The 2009-10 team, which we saw play twice in Murfreesboro, had five players who averaged 30 minutes a game. Most minutes off the bench for any player was fewer than 10 per game. The Blue Raiders were 26-5 that year and had lots of laughers.

  My best buddy from graduate school at Vandy taught for 20 years at MTSU. We visited him in 2010, shortly after his wife died. He lived two blocks from the arena and attended all wbb games. 2010 was Alysha Clark`s senior year. She has played nine years at Seattle in the WNBA, starting the latest three or four years. She signed as a free agent with Chicago for this year.

  Clark was the 5-10 post for MTSU and a scoring-rebounding machine. She has taken a much bigger role on defense with the Storm. In one of the games we saw, the Blue Raiders` 6-3 forward,  Brandi Brown, hit eight treys. I  believe she spent less than two minutes total in the paint, hated to mix it up, but she could shoot like crazy, shot 43% on threes for the season.

  Wonder if Alysha Clark is still active at MTSU and if so whether she might have had a hand in recruiting Dor. Clark has played pro ball with a couple of teams in Israel.

  Wish Dor only the best. The weather won`t be like Israel. Nor like Maine, but when it does snow down there they just leave it to burn off in a few days. 

  Bob Neal, New Sharon


Posted by: parquetfloor on Fri Apr 16th, 2021 7:23 pm

Losing the Hayes sisters will be addition by subtraction. I bet Insell is pretty pumped about them being gone. Well, more accurately, he is probably really happy to not have to deal with dad any longer. 

This is kind of a weird fit for Dor IMO. I`m not entirely sure she fits their system but hey, who knows.