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part 1 - THE JOURNEY TO 1992


The Fighting Tigers of Rockland District High School had a long playoff history, in this section we delve into the Seasons leading up to 1992. The story of Part I is explained in interviews with Chris Elkington, Ernie Kavanaugh, Dave Cook, Dan Gargan, Rich Mazurek, Jeff "Beaver" Woodman, Carl Woodman, Greg Knight and Shane LeBlanc. A brief history of the schools playoff runs, starting with the 5 OT Game in the Eastern "B" Final vs Dexter Tigers in the 1985-1986 Season. Then moving into the same game the next year in the Eastern "B" Final vs Mt View in 1986-1987. Quickly into Coach Elkington`s first Season with Rockland in the 1987-1988 Season. It then continues on to the State Final in the 1988-1989 Season vs Lincoln Academy, and to the 1989-90 State Final vs Mountain Valley. Lastly into the 1990-1991 Season. Enjoy this everybody!



In part 2, first let us say, get ready for the NOSTALGIA!!! Chris Elkington, Greg Knight, Brian Bartlett, Mike Norton, Erik Carlson, Jim Montgomery, Carl and Jeff Woodman give moving statements about the importance of Dan Flannagan and the Recreation Center in Rockland over the years. Coach Elkington talks about the 4 seasons... the PRESEASON, then see highlights of the first few games of the Season in DECEMBER. More interviews from Mark Fishman, Paul Benjamin and Shane LeBlanc on their defense and working together as a TEAM.

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Part 3, goes through the heart of the REGULAR Season, starting off with a blowout WIN at Camden-Rockport, when things got a little chippy and heated between Matt Cook and Jeff "BEAVER" Woodman. Moral of that story...DO NOT PISS OFF "THE BEAV!!!" Then the away game vs MEDOMAK VALLEY with interviews from Medomak`s own Matt Lash and Troy Smith. Then again, let the NOSTALGIA begin, with some Vintage Commercials from the Midcoast. Home game vs BELFAST and the CLOSE CALL vs ELLSWORTH were next. Rockland`s Mark Fishman talks about spraining his ankle in warmups. Which made the game tough from the start, Len and Jim said, "THE TIGERS ESCAPED LIKE THEY NEVER ESCAPED BEFORE!" The easy games were over, it was going to be difficult games for the rest of the Regular Season. Then ending with kind words from Carl Woodman about Coach Chris Elkington.

part 4 - SEASON 3 - JANUARY 18 - FEBRUARY 7


Part 4 covers the last third of the REGULAR SEASON. The tough games begin right off the bat with the home game vs MEDOMAK discussed by Erik Carlson, Matt Lash, Troy Smith, Jeff Woodman and Coach Elkington. Mt View then rode into town in another difficult game. Rockland`s Jim Montgomery then discussed a tough challenge the Tigers had to overcome @ BUCKSPORT. Then it was a trip to the MOUNT DESERT Island where the team played a good game in control the entire way. Next a SPECIAL TRIBUTE to COACH BOB MORRILL with kind words spoken of memories from Erik Carlson, Larry Terrio and Ernie Kavanaugh, with a tough game vs C-R to follow. Lastly, the TIGERS made it a PERFECT 16-0 REGULAR Season with a win @ BELFAST.

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                   part 5 - EASTERN "B" PLAYOFFS

This section is focused on the entire playoff run on the Eastern side of the playoffs. The first Quarter-Final matchup was against the defending eastern me. champs ORONO. Then a matchup against big Ric Sinclair of Hermon in a back and forth game the Tigers eventually pulled out. Then the classic comeback game vs JOHN BAPST in the EASTERN FINAL. 



Section starts off with a lot of old school stuff, channel 5 interviews with Jeff "Beaver" Woodman, Mark Fishman, Shane LeBlanc on what Rockland had to do to win. Then full game highlights with more words from Chris Elkington, Jim Montgomery, Larry Terrio, and Carl and Jeff Woodman. Then following the game a great interview with a happy Coach Elkington and cool picture montage of the victory celebration then the GOLD BALL CELEBRATION and back to Rockland to the High School for the reception celebration! That team was simply the BEST boys basketball team at Rockland HS, for their dedication and teamwork.