Forecaster coverage area: best girls` basketball player over the past 20 years ?

 Forecaster coverage area: best girls` basketball player fover the past 20 years ? 

Is Gotham in in the Forecasters coverage area? If it is Mackenzie Holmes should be on this list.

Yes.  Early word is MH, Esposito and Anna DeWolfe vying for #1.  Clement from McCauley top five and outside as #1.  Gorham, GNG, Yarmouth, Freeport, NYA, Falmouth, Cape, Greely and all the Portland schools I believe.

The Forecaster - Girls’ basketball 20-for-20

Be sure to read the great write-ups on all these former HS stars from Michael Hoffer ...

List from above article  :  anyone oyou might include from Portland market ? 

1) Allie Clement,McAuley (2011-2014)

2) Anna DeWolfe, Greely (2016-2019)

3) Sarah Marshall, Falmouth (2000), McAuley (2001-2003)

4) Kayla Burchill, Deering (2008-2011)

5) Alexa Coulombe, McAuley (2009-2012)

6) Ashley Storey, Greely (2012-2015)

7) Maddie Hasson, South Portland (2013-2016)

8) Justine Pouravelis, McAuley (1999-2002)

9) Ashley Cimino, McAuley (2004-2007)

10) Whitney Morrow, South Portland (2002-2005)

11) Megan Urban, Deering (2001-2004)

12) Diana Manduca, Deering (2006-2009)

13) Stephanie Ramonas, Deering (2001-2004)

14) Christy Manning, Scarborough (2007-2010)

15) Nicole Garland, Deering (2005-08)

16) Rebecca Knight, McAuley (2008-2011)

17) Maggie Whitmore, South Portland (2017-2020)

18) Martha Veroneau, Waynflete (2010-2013)

19) Claire Ramonas, Deering (2006-2009)

20) Amanda Kabantu, Portland (2018-2021)

Honorable mentions:

Brooke Flaherty, Cheverus (2010-2013)

Camille Clement, Greely (2018-2021)

Abby Young, Greely (2007-2010)

Nina Davenport, McAuley (2011), Freeport (2012-2014)

Abby Lesneski, South Portland (2000-2003)

Glad Megan Urban did not get overlooked.  Getting Deering their first state title was quite a feet.  To me what sticks out the most is that this could easily be the All-Defensive list on its own merits.  Except Majorie Graff and Theresa Hendrix would have to be put on the list.

I would start my starting five with Stephane Ramonas.  The player since Lisa Manning that physically changed how the girls game was played.