Turnovers and Foul Shooting- 2 areas to improve

Posted by: Blind Zebras on Mon Jan 4th, 2021 10:16 am

Maine had a pretty solid showing against UNH this weekend getting the split. I would like to see the Black Bears improve in 2 critical areas to increase their chances of winning these tightly contested league games. Their foul shooting is downright atrocious at 54%. This number should be in the 70-75% range. There is really no excuse for a college basketball team to be less than 70% from the line.  A couple of small details I`m noticing from Maine at the line, in particular Steph Ingo: 1) rushing the shot, should slow themselves down at the line, align feet properly and take a deep breath prior to releasing the ball 2) Not enough time sighting their target, several players dribbling the ball staring at the floor and picking their head up only in time to very briefly view the rim before shooting.  Very important to slow down especially in the heat of the game when heart rate is increased. This is just some basic stuff that needs to be done to add a few percentage points

16.4 turnovers per game is way too many. Maine`s bigs have struggled the most with ball security and more frequently traveling on post moves. traveling violations resulting from sliding the pivot foot on spin moves to the hoop is one repeating problem that I`m seeing.  Ingo, Turgut, Larsson & Solly have all struggled with turnovers. Maine`s guards have done a better job with ball security. Duhart has a high usuage rate but he could improve with some careless passes. The trio of Fofo, Wright-McLeish & Schildroth have been Maine`s most reliable players limiting turnovers. JWM has only 1 turnover on the season. Schildroth and Fofo have 5 each In 5 games. important to note that Maine`s bigs have a high usuage rate (they touch the ball as often as some of the guards do) as their offense revolves around low post entries and high post touches/dribble handoffs by the bigs coupled with post dives/rolls. They are not just involved with ball screens and rolls like so many offenses are predicated on. Maine`s bigs need to clean up their miscues. Overall, I have to commend most of Maine`s guards on playing solid floor games.

on a positive note, this team`s defense has improved noticeably from last year. Ingo has done an admirable job as a rim protector but I`ve also noticed Maine`s defensive rotations have been quite sound and improved. Maine has done a much better job defending the 3- closing to shooters and not getting caught under screens. As a team they are shooting over 34% from 3 which is noticeably better than I expected. The offense has generated fairly fluid ball movement at times which has lead to some more open looks. In recent games, Yagodin, JWM & Schildroth have made some efficient contributions to improve Maine`s deep shooting.