after High school : keeping up on former Mainers

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Some more on Jimmy ! 

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Had a chance to see and talk with Yarmouth and Cheverus hoop player Lucas Denning.  Back in Maine past few months from Manhattan where he is a key figure in their G League operations.  Heads off to Orland soon as the G League runs out of the bubble this year.  At $500k, Celtics/Red Claws opted out.  G League games are often streamed on Twitch where Falmouth grad Chad DeLuca plays a key role in their E-Sports streaming.

Lucas keeps tabs on many Maine kids in pro sports.  He did say Knight from Notre Dame stopped playing pro overseas aftera couple of years and rociking it in the Tech world.  Aaron Maines from Falmouth hitiing it with Nike I believe. 

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Professional runner for Under Armour #WEWILL || Former UConn Husky
|| Mainer.
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Tonight, I made my pro debut and got the win

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Big Time Hoops The Podcast With Matt MacKenzie

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Former Hodgdon Baskertball star Tyler Putnam will join Lewiston Public Schools later this year

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Jimmie Hunt
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Brunswick HS alum ... 

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Nate Carson