Advent 2020 : Catholics preparing for a season of joy 11/29-12/24

Advent 2020 : How Catholics are preparing for a season of joy 11/29-12/24 

from above strory :

  “One of my favorite quotes from Advent of the Heart is: ‘Perhaps what we modern people need most is to be genuinely shaken...So now, God lets the earth resound, and now He shudders it, and then He shakes it, not to call forth a false anxiety…he does it to teach us one thing again: how to be moved in spirit. Much of what is happening today would not be happening if people were in that state of inner movement and restlessness of heart in which man comes into the presence of God the Lord and gains a clear view of things as they really are.’”

Kaup said this quote can be a good starting point of reflection for Catholic families and individuals for Advent.. 

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Advent is the season four weeks before Christmas in which we prepare for the coming of Christ.  The word Advent comes from the Latin word adventus, which means “coming”

Have this festive wreath out for Advent, and then change the candles to red and white for the Christmas Season