Mainers in college action:

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A closer 👀 at Anna DeWolfe

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Emily Esposito scores 10 points and adds 6 rebounds in her debut at Boston University.

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To kick off the new year we are checking in some Big Timers that are representing Maine to the  fullest all across the country in Division 1 basketball.  We`ve got Anna DeWolfe of Fordham, Mackenzie Holmes of Indiana, Emily Esposito of Boston University, and Blanca Millan and Lexi Middelstadt of the University of Maine all on this weeks episode of Big Time Hoops The Podcast

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Mackenzie Holmes scores what i believe is a career high 27 points to help lead Indians to win...also had 5 blocks

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Dominant first half and clutch baskets late. DeWolfe leads with 27...

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 Greely’s Anna DeWolfe with 27 points in a big road win at Rhode Island  

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Greely grad Anna Dewolfe leading the Atlantic 10 Conference in scoring at 22.4 PPG

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Holmes - 22 points, 10 rebounds