Class AA: Nominate for MBR ASW - top players by grade

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11th grade / Class of 2022
Connor Curcio - Sanford 

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10th grade
Connor Boone – Bangor

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11th grade
Joey Morrison – Bangor

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11th Grade / class of 2022
Titayo Augusto - 5’10” - Deering High - incredible ball handler & athletic guard.  Should have a break out varsity this year.

Colby Dillingham - 6’8” big man from Oxford Hills   Powerhouse down low with the ability hit jumpers.  He will have a huge varsity season this year.

9th grade / class of 2024
Yousef Dakane - 5’10” Lewiston  - super athletic, strong handles and get get to the hoop at will. Might be the best 9th grader I’ve seen.  Vertical!  Has had several in game dunks.  Should easily make varsity.

Mason Pulk - 6’3” Edward Little big man.  Strong post moves with soft tough.  Great off pick and roll. Conditioning needs to improve but protects the rim.

Tyler Turcotte - 5’10” Edward Little  wing shooter.  Recent growth spur has increased his confidence and ability to defend

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12 grade / class of 2021 
Payton Jones, TA
Dylan Griffin, TA
Jacob Humphrey, BE
Bode Meader, Gorham

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12 grade / class of 2021 (South)
Payton Jones TA
Dylan Griffin TA
Grant Nadeau Gorham
Jacob Humphrey BE

11 grade / class of 2022 (South) 
John Shea EL
Owen Maloney South Portland
David Omasambo Lewiston
Aidan Wolcott BE
Nick Langella Deering

10 grade / class of 2023 (South) 
JP Estrella South Portland
Jaelen Jackson South Portland
Eli Soehren Oxford Hills
Bryce Duarte Windham 
Marshall Adams EL

9 grade / class of 2024 (South)
Teagan Pelletier Oxford Hills

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9th grade / class of 2024
Quinton Lindsay - Deering
Jayden Kim - South portland
Erik Bowen - Windham
Jake Earle - Windham 

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NERR : Maine Class of 2021
Ranking Recruit Class Height High School

6 Andrew Szwez 2021 6`5" Bangor HS 
7 Payton Jones 2021 6`3" Thornton Academy   
9 Dylan Griffin 2021 6`6" Thornton Academy
10 Chiwer Mayen 2021 6`8" Lewiston HS 
14 Bode Meader 2021 6`1" Gorham HS  

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