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MBR Town Team Sports ( a 501c3 AAU club ) – All Sports
Contact:  need help 
Tom Nolette – 

 Sign you independent sports teams up today with MBR .. All Sports … 

What we are:  Here to help you …..  MBR’s Tom Nolette stated “this club will be an umbrella for teams who prefer to put together their own plans .. ie roster formation, AAU insurance, where and when to practice and play, who coaches the team, organizing events, etc “…          

Goal:  To help you and your team find the best path forward to compete.  To promote the game and the players that play the game, to help players strive to excel in athletics.

History:  MBR’s Tom Nolette has been around Maine AAU, Club or off-season hoops since the 90’s.  We understand the pitfalls and opportunities that are out there. We started all the summer tournaments, fall leagues, we’ve had all the best players, we understand recruiting, etc ..  

The new year for AAU registration for insurance begins September 1, 2021 - August 30, 2022 ..    
AAU insurance provides:
- practice insurance (named certificate for each facility)
- Coaches background screening
- Coaches insurance coverage
- Players (secondary) medical insurance 
- Insurance Coverage ( AB benefit)  coverage follows you in non-AAU events throughout the calander year.

Fundraising:  Teams, leagues, tourneys, events, clinics who are registered AAU members through MBR TTS is eligible to use the tax deductibility on any fundraising. Contact for info

Steps to team formation:
- form a base of parents / players who have the same goal for their kids / team ie .. get better through practice only, play some games locally or regionally, travel to out of state, recruiting visibility, etc 
What is your small groups goal?
- Find someone to coach who fits your philosophy of your team …
- Register your team (players & coaches) through MBR Town Team Sports …
- insurance ( for $16 per player, $18 per coach ( includes background check)
- practice insurance certificates ..   named certificates for facilities  
  AAU coverage season:  9/1/21 – 8/30/22 good for all AAU sports
- Once you have the pieces put together, you can figure out your budget ..  determine if coach stipend is needed, cost for gym rentals, uniform tops , tournament or league expenses ….

Insurance With the added benefit (AB ) insurance card , your team can play in any non-aau event and is covered ( providing all team members are aau registered)

Promotion on MBR We’re in a process of re-design to MBR.ORG, our sports and news aggregate.  We will however promote your teams via MBR forums, social media, town pages, etc ..

Event APP
We’ll be using a MBR branded APP to distribute news on upcoming events as well as real time schedules, scores, etc ..  T

In this forum,     we will break out topics on how to as well as leagues …

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Form your own team under MBR Town Team Sports Club
- You organize, select players, determine mission, team name etc  
- AAU supplies you the insurance and support.  Insurance cost $16 per player and $18 per coach and bench personnel per year. A 6 million dollar liability policy in place for practice and events., coaches background checks, player insurance, coaches protections (providing all members are registered)

Steps to form a team:
1-Find a coach.   
2-Choose players who fit into the same age group
AAU age guidelines girls:     

AAU age guidelines boys:
3-Register for insurance:
Follow the links below. A few pieces of information you will need to complete

Players $16  sign up for AB card register here :
Choose sport ….  Ie. Basketball – Girls  
* Coverage .. Select “AB” Extended benefit
select current membership year only for fee
Member of a club: yes
Club Number W34YTE 
Club Name MBR Town Team Sports

Coaches $18 … sign up for AB card register here:
Choose  signing up for myself
and select as a non-athlete coach, etc

Type of membership: youth
Select sport ie – basketball – girls
Coverage ( AB) extended
select current membership year only for fee
Member of a club: yes
Club Number W34YTE 
Club Name MBR Town Team Sports

4. Determine a practice and game schedule  / cost
5. Jerseys or uniforms .. keep it simple
6. Gym insurance …  submit as many gyms address, phone as you can so we can submit ahead of time .. We can issue practice insurance and named insured

 Recommendation:  Look at the year in segments or seasons .. develop your own program for x amount of weeks with practices and games

Non-profit:  If you want to fundraise and offer tax deductibility, we can offer that .. 90% goes to your program fundraising goal (may pay up to 20% commision from that, 10% stays as admin fee)