Why Fall Sports Will Be Cancelled

Posted by: openstage on Fri Aug 14th, 2020 11:21 am

Despite all the talk about MPA meetings and dates being pushed back, it`s easy to see the main rationale for why Fall Sports wil be cancelled -  Attendance.  The fact that most schools are adopting a hybrid model of attendance, 2 or 3 days in person, the rest remote, will doom athletics.  Here`s the case that will be made by administrators.

1. Students cannot have the appropriate conditioning and health monitoring.  2. Equity - Although some HS kids drive, you cannot tell some students they cannot play simply because they have no way to get back to school on the remote days.  3. Transportation - schools will be unwilling to pay for the additional busses needed to transport large teams with state mandated social distancing.

The bigger question remains why schools and officials have been unwilling to announce this yet?  Perhaps because announcing these grim realities will be very unpopular and impact parents choices to send students to school at all. Look at college football for example. Many schools have held back these decisions until the last minute, fearing kids will transfer or drop out without fall sports - lost revenue.

Can there be alternatives to traditional sports planning?  Yes, but not popular ones.  Adopting a model of skills building and conditioning with intrasquad scimmages - some colleges are going this route.  Picture Flag Football or 7 on 7 Staurdays within your team instead of full on contact vs opponents.

It`s really a shame for these student athletes, but if i were a parent I would be looking for alternatives to school programs NOW.  Thankfully some sports have these, but not Football. BTW - I really hope i`m wrong about all of this.  We`ll see.

Posted by: OldandGray on Fri Aug 14th, 2020 1:18 pm

Our school just told us no football or fall sports until the DOE and MPA can provide them with clear direction.  I agree no fall sports where contact and equipment are part of the game.  

Given AAU basketball, baseball, soccer, and volleyball are all playing games/tournaments now.....does the MPA want AAU to wedge itself deeper into Maine HS sports?  Kids want to compete and socialise. 

If distance learning is the norm - aligning AAU to an licensed and accredited distance learning program may be a viable option for some parents and kids.   

Posted by: augie on Fri Aug 14th, 2020 2:37 pm

I too feel fall sports will be canceled however the messaging to the schools has been they are planning on playing.

additionally what i hear is it is all sports or nothing.  i am a football guy but if they say no because of the contact how the heck is that fair to a golfer or xcoutry athlete?  makes no sense.

the transportation situation is an easy one.  parents can step up.  they already are with remote learning so this is a no brainer in my opinion.  same thing for getting youngers kids with no means to practices or games.

hope i am wrong about the season and it stays on but i do feel it is shameful that they are waiting this long to pull the plug when kids/families could have made educational/athletic changes.  it is getting way to late in the game it appears now.