Maine football 2020-2021

Posted by: BearDown on Sun May 2nd, 2021 3:46 pm

Look, it was best for RJ to point is that all these players leaving, for whatever reason, add up. You can explain them all away all you want to but that`s Maine`s starting RB, best OL, and best Defensive player all gone.

Now that the NCAA has cleared the way for them to not have to sit out a year if they transfer, it`s only gonna get worse. Not to sound fatalistic but Maine`s chances of ever getting back to the Semi`s of the National Playoffs have taken a huge hit in years to come.

Posted by: BlackBearDrumline on Sun May 2nd, 2021 8:47 pm
BearDown wrote:

I think people are missing the point here, it`s not the numbers game I`m concerned about. We`re losing arguably our best defensive player, who was an established leader, to transfer. What do you think that does for the team`s culture down the road? It lays the path for more and more talent to leave. Football, perhaps more than any other sport, is all about "chemistry" within the organization. The transfer of Maine`s top talent is not a precedent that will lead to the team`s future success. Our best OL -gone. Our best Defensive player -gone. Our chances would be a whole lot better this Fall if we had those 2 guys. And the argument for "Hey, guys transfer in to Maine too -so it works both ways!" is dumb. Having our top talent leave and taking in lower tier FBS talent that couldn`t make it at that level, isn`t a recipe for success OR maintaining team chemistry. Sure, Reed had a great year at Buffalo, but clearly left there for a reason and did just OK here. The NIU transfer is non-existent now I guess? Like, WTH happened to him? Like I said, Maine and similar schools will sucks.

I understand where you`re coming from, but I think you`re discounting a handful of important factors. 

I would agree with your feelings about the transfer portal only providing us with lower-tier FBS players IF we solely targeted grad transfers. However, Charlton has explicitly stated his intent is to get guys with multiple years of eligibility, that can learn and embrace the program culture. Hence getting guys like Penn State`s George French, Temple`s Ryan Silvious, Army`s Kolubah Pewee, etc. who all have 3 or 4 years to play. Also there have been far more hits than misses. Ori Jean-Charles and Jordan Swann being prime examples. 

When you add in all of the talent we`ve gotten from D2 and D3 transfers (Tyler Royal, Jacob Hennie, Andre Miller) I think the transfer portal is a net positive.

Our program culture has always been to take undervalued, overlooked players and develop them, and it seems to generate a lot of loyalty because of that. It sucks losing Dobson and Stevens, but it`s important to remember how many we keep. Earnest Edwards, Manny Patterson, Pat Ricard etc. all could have easily found different homes, but they stayed. The latter two outright said in interviews that the culture and isolation of Maine was a key to their success.

Posted by: BearDown on Sun May 2nd, 2021 10:16 pm

Appreciate the thoughtful post BBD...but Earnest, Manny, Ricard -those were all guys from a pre Portal world where transferring meant you had to sit one season before playing if it was a lateral or upward move (think Josh Mack). Dre Miller wasn`t `really` a transfer as much as he was a guy that went the Junior College route (albeit via Husson) just so he could finally get to Maine (who recruited him heavily). It`s a different landscape now. A guy can leave and play immediately. That`s new for football (it`s not just grad transfers anymore) and it could be really bad for us.

Look, I`m eager to see how these transfers with 3-4 years of eligibility play out but...calling it a net positive? Ori? He`s a solid player...Swann? He`s a solid player...But they`re not stars. I`d much rather have Ramon Jefferson, Liam Dobson, and Deshawn Stevens starting for us this Fall then waiting to see how the Temple, Penn State, et al wash outs COULD potentially pan out for us down the road. Ramon, Liam, Deshawn -those guys were stars...All Americans. If we bring in transfers that become those types of players then maybe I`ll change my tune...

But Hennie, Royal, Swann...they aren`t those guys.

Posted by: Blind Zebras on Mon May 3rd, 2021 6:36 am

Jefferson likely would`ve stayed here if not for the trouble he got into. Dobson was here for 4 years. He was a good leader for the line and all but he`s not that good. Personally, I didn`t get the move for him. The Sun Belt is not much of a step up in competition. His best move would`ve been to stay here and shed 30 lbs to make a run at pro football.  Most of the time these moves don`t end up furthering anyone`s career and that`s what these kids need to figure out. Would you rather be sharing carries at Liberty or the featured back at Maine? Or worst case, a starter at Maine who tried to move up a notch, only to get beaten out for a job.

Posted by: Blind Zebras on Mon May 3rd, 2021 6:41 am

Maybe it`s more important to kids to have better gear and a nicer locker room than to be starting every game?

Posted by: BlackBearDrumline on Mon May 3rd, 2021 9:51 am

Do you think we have any chance of competing next season in the CAA with our current roster?

Personally I think we`ll be an average/slightly above average team. 

I liked parts of our game this spring––like our secondary unit and O-line play, but I think there`s quite a few question marks.

The biggest ones for me are better D-line play and developing offensive playmakers besides Miller. 

Curious to hear other thoughts.

Posted by: BearDown on Mon May 3rd, 2021 10:36 am

We`re 4-7...5-6 best case scenario next year. Charlton was 6-6 in 2019 and 2-2 this Spring. Prior to becoming a Head Coach, Nick had 4 years of on field coaching experience on his resume -people seem to forget that. With our schedule, roster, and leadership, I don`t know how we`d have any shot at a winning team. We were undisciplined and inconsistent this Spring -not a recipe for success. We literally weren`t even on the field for the opening kickoff this Spring season-which then ended up being a Touchdown return anyways once we got there. And oh, we just lost our best All American defensive player and Captain. But hey, 4 months from tomorrow we`re kicking off against Delaware. Again. And they`re in the National Semi-finals this weekend.

I`m just really sour right now. I`ll come around.

Posted by: ExpoEddie on Mon May 3rd, 2021 4:28 pm

I am not on the same page as all others with team knowledge and insight, but after reading about Stephenson and couple others I asked why?  Over the years Maine has landed many a player on a NFL roster, starting with Justin S. being a stud at Pittsburgh at Tackle.  Tragic ending to a wonderful player.  Hence I get back to my ?, are the schools they are going to have a better track record than Maine in getting players to the NFL?  To me, that would be the only logical answer, all others indicate player thought more of their ability than the coaching staff related to their level of play.  Thank you for the great posts with information PPH or Bangor can not replicate.

Posted by: dunbar on Mon May 3rd, 2021 8:23 pm

Root for Delaware and James Madison this weekend.

The longer Maine`s first two opponents play, the better off we`ll be. We`re seeing the adverse effects of long playoff runs and shortened offseasons all across sports right now.