Maine football 2020-2021

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fafan wrote:

Not sure if you attend Maine football games but if you did you would know attendance was 6,378 for 2019 and 7,094 for 2018 a far cry from 3k. 

The Athletic department really deserves credit for increasing the game day experience for UMaine football and thus the increase in attendance in the past couple of years. Everything from bringing in outside food vendors to free tailgating for season ticket holders. They have listened to their fans and they responded, nice job UMaineSmile

Let me ask a theoretical question. If all of you are convinced that UMAINE football must remain at the FCS level for the next 20 years would there be anything wrong with a least building an indoor stadium or at least expanding the existing stadium as an indoor stadium on the UMAINE campus. 

Really I am just curious if UMAINE FOOTBALL had an indoor stadium on campus whether that might get more fans to attend the games on campus as well. 

I would think it would but possibly you guys may have other thoughts. With 90,000,000 to spend perhaps that is an idea worth doing as well.

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UMaine kicker Doak enters transfer portal

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Terrible news for St. Lot but let`s hope for full recovery for fall 2021!!!

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UMaine players work on their teamwork in 15-day fall season practice

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Foxcroft Academy`s Logan Martin