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Congrats to the very young and talented Maine Lightning 17U Fall Ball Championship team with their 6-5 vs. Coastal Riptide

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With changes in high school sports this fall, the @TheEdgeMaine fall league doubled in size this year

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South Portland HS Athletic Director Todd Livingston who’s been awarded the 2020 Bruce D. Whitehead Distinguished Service Award 

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Maine Lightning 11 Gold splits

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Congrats to KHS Baseball Alum Derek Smith on earning First Team All-NEC at Bryant University!

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It all started back in 1961 for Wally Covell 

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TO:                  Baseball and Softball Teams Participating in the 2021 Open Tournament


FROM:            MPA Baseball and Softball Committees


DATE:             June 3, 2021


SUBJECT:      2021 Tournament Baseball and Softball Games


Congratulations on the successful completion to the regular season in baseball and softball for the 2021 season! We have finalized the Heal points for both sports and have included them with this memo. The Heal points reflect broken ties and teams that have opted out of the open tournament are highlighted in yellow. The teams listed below the opt out teams have been reseeded.     


DATES:          All games must be played by the date listed unless postponed due to weather. All rounds may be played earlier than the date listed. For the Round of 16 it would be helpful to the umpires if schools could play early to lessen the number of games for them to cover on June 8. In baseball the pitch count will still count for the day the round is scheduled to be played, as a school cannot gain an advantage by playing early.


                        Regional Play-in Games (Regions with more than 16): Saturday, June 5, 2021 (games may be played on Friday, June 4).

                        Regional Round of 16: Tuesday, June 8, 2021 (games may be played June 4, 5, and 7)

                        Regional Quarterfinals: Thursday, June 10, 2021 (games may be played on June 9)

                        Regional Semifinals: Saturday, June 12, 2021 (games may be played on June 11)


TIMES:  Round of 16 (6/8/21) and Regional Quarterfinals (6/10/21) - 4:00 p.m. or time mutually agreed upon by both schools.


Regional Semi-finals (6/12/21) - 1:00 p.m. or time mutually agreed upon by both schools.


RETURN TO PLAY GUIDELINES:  We are no longer following the MPA Baseball and Softball Return to Play Guidelines and are asking schools to follow the Maine CDC Guidelines and make decisions that are appropriate for their school and athletes at the local level.


*All players must bring their own water vessel.


ELIGIBILITY ROSTERS:  Please make sure that your eligibility roster is entered into rSchool Today and is up to date. Additions to eligibility rosters must have been done online by updating your eligibility roster prior to the day of competition.  No additions to the eligibility roster will be accepted the day of the competition without validation from an administrator at that school.


COACHES’ ELIGIBILITY:  Any coach that is working with athletes must be listed on the MPA coaches’ eligibility form submitted by the school. 


DUGOUT PERSONNEL:  Dugout personnel are limited to the names submitted on the MPA roster.  A maximum of 25 people (players, coaches, managers, scorekeepers, and trainers) will be allowed on the bench for all tournament games.  All bench personnel must be high school age and all adults must be listed on the coaches’ eligibility roster.  The head coach is responsible for all people in the dugout.