Protest turn to riots & mobs, cancel culture : BLM Global Network

Alex Lomax, 28, was arrested when police responded to him severely beating and sexually assaulting a 67-year-old Asian woman in Fremont, Calif.

 The Intercept says videos “smear” BLM.

 Without evidence, he makes shocking innuendo in the Intercept story that Richie aided in a Rittenhouse cover-up.

militant far-left activists who volunteer as security & cook

a man with a long knife chases a man and tries to stab him

Louisville Metro Police officers are investigating an attack on Mother’s Day by four black women that left a woman injured in a Kroger parking lot

“Long live the Intifada.

antifa randomly approached people to ask if they are Proud Boys

Last week the DC Metropolitan PD suffered a massive data leak after being hacked by a Russian-language syndicate.