2020 NBA Draft:: Nov 18, 2020

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2020 NBA Mock Draft 4.0: Teams still on schedule for JuneThe NBA season may be at a standstill, but that won’t slow NBA teams down from preparing for the upcoming draft that’s currently slated for June 25. While this draft is short on star power like this year’s NBA rookie class, which includes Zion Williamson of New Orleans, Ja Morant in Memphis and New York’s R.J. Barrett — all of whom turned in strong first seasons in the NBA — there’s still plenty of talent to pick over in the coming weeks. And the Celtics will get their shot — make that shots, plural — with three first-round picks this year. https://www.nbcsports.com/boston/celtic ... edule-june
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NBA pushes back draft combine, draft lotteryThe NBA is delaying the draft lottery and draft combine, events scheduled for Chicago later this month.The league made the decision Friday, though it has been expected for some time. The lottery cannot occur until the regular season is completed or is declared over, because team records determine the odds that the 14 non-playoff teams will have of securing the right to pick No. 1 overall in the draft.For now, the draft remains scheduled for June 25 — though that, too, will likely have to change in the coming weeks as the league continues reacting to the coronavirus pandemic.https://apnews.com/73019694b702452a2708b97bc9cd5e31
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NBA Draft:  Wed.,  11/18  at 8:00 PM ET on ESPN

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For all u midnight tweeps here’s a mock draft to read:

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