Philbrook has been tying flies for over 60 years.

Posted by: MBR on Wed Apr 8th, 2020 6:25 am
Philbrook has been tying flies for over 60 years.With the coronovirus forcing people to spend more time at home that means that some people might be looking for a new hobby. Some are reading more books, doing crossword puzzles or just trying to find ways to keep the body and mind active. For people who like to fly fish this might be a chance to tie some of your own flies. Darrell Philbrook of Crouseville has been tying flies for almost seventy years.Darrell Philbrook:" I have been tying since 1953. It used to be for fishing and hobby. It has always been for a hobby. I just can't give up a good thing I guess. It is a good clean habit not habit hobby. It could be a habit some people would say that is habit alright." ... 51841.html