Mackenzie Holmes - Indiana

If you computed Ms. Holmes' stats/productivity to her minutes played, she would rank amongst the top in the country. The numbers she puts up in points, rebounds and blocks versus minutes, often under 20, lends itself that she will be a dominate force at the highest level next couple of years. Congratulations.
Thank you. You might be interested to know thats a pretty accurate observation by you. There is actually a website ( that uses a complex formula to calculate what is known as a Player Efficiency Rating, which basically says, how productive were you with the minutes you play. At the last update a week or two ago, Mackenzie was #1 in the Big Ten and #12 in the Country for Power 5 schools. Obviously, hard saying how increased playing time will project or impact efficiency as teams scout and game plan for players. However, I appreciate you noticing, thanks again.
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A piece of Mackenzie`s game in high school was her ability to run the floor.  Mackenzie looks primed to take that piece of her game to another level.  Her always full throttle motor with another year of conditioning; do not be surprised to see her out on wing beating her opponents down the court for tranisiton hoops. Or suck in the defense and then hit the trailer using her great court vision and length.   

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Holmes siblings - @kenzieholmes_ + @CamHolmesies - provide a competitive edge for #iuwbb

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Oustanding article in today`s PPH on Mackenzie.  What you have to take from her last game, MH was the best player on the floor, both ends, either team.  At this level of D1, not sure this can be said of the great names of the past from Maine`s women college players.

To Tom & Lenny, please keep posting MH`s updates on this string so we know where to follow.  Male or female, best low post player since Tom Knight out of Maine.

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Former Gorham star off to a great start in Indiana!

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Mackenzie is quickly moving up the ladder as to the best female player to come out of Maine and play D1 college.  She had one sub-par game stat wise for her, but since then been on a tear.  Double Doubles becoming the norm and she is getting it done against ranked programs.  Tough loss to Maryland, but this sophmore building a pro draft resume. 

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This week`s poll has Indiana moving up to #11.  30 points I think from top 10.