UM WBB Recruiting - 2021 & Beyond

Posted by: mainejeff on Tue Aug 18th, 2020 8:20 am

Maine has received a verbal from 6-0 F Adrianna Smith (Bishop O`Connell/Fairfax Stars VA).  

Video highlights:

A very well rounded player with lots of pluses.  She had an ACL during her Sophomore year otherwise she would be A-10 bound.  Should be a star in AE if she can stay away from injuries.

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Posted by: turkeyman on Wed Aug 19th, 2020 3:46 pm

 I asked a few weeks ago if anyone knew what had become of Julie Brosseau, who left Maine for UtahU after 2018. No one responded with a destination, but today I found her on the KU roster.

 She played at Utah for 2019-20 after sitting out her transfer year. In her year at Utah, she averaged 13.6 minutes and 4.7 points. That compares to 27 minutes and 11.4 ppg her second year at Maine.

You might figure that Jhasmin Player had something to do with Brosseau going to Kansas. Coach Player went there as an assistant coach after a year at Loyola Marymount and after two stints coaching at UMaine, first for Richard Barron and then for Amy Vachon. She coached Brosseau here.

 Brosseau is listed as a senior at KU, but she must be a grad transfer if she is to play there. She already used her sit-out year, and she has no extenuating circumstances of which I`m aware, such as chronic injury or coaching change. 

 Brosseau was reported on this board as believing she was too good to play at Maine, and her experience raises the old question of whether it`s better to be a small fish in a big pond (Utah, KU) or a big fish in a small pond (Maine). Brosseau has swum in both ponds now. I would be surprised if she gets any more playing time at Mount Oread than she did at Utah, especially since KU appears to be an up-and-coming wbb program and might not want to dole out a lot of pt to a one-year wonder.

 I believe it`s already been noted on this board that Tihana Stojsavljevic, who was one of the five who bailed out on Maine in 2017 following Barron`s illness, has landed as a grad transfer at UVa. She played a year and graduated at Texas Tech before going to UVa. She had close to zero pt at Tech and probably won`t get much more than that at UVa. But a scholly is a scholly.

 Texas Tech is in turmoil, having just fired Marlene Stollings as HC for "creating a culture of abuse." Named a new coach this week, a Tech grad, and says it will support the program, which had slipped quite a bit since Marsha Sharp got done in 2006. Sharp won an NCAA there. 

 Story: A UMaine fan told me that after Texas Tech beat Maine 60-50 in the first round of the NCAAs in 2004 at Missoula, Mont., a woman came into the UMaine post-game huddle and congratulated the Maine team for its play, character, etc. That woman was Marsha Sharp. Maine was in that game almost all the way, but Tech did a good job on Maine`s seniors (Heather Ernest, Melissa Heon and Julie Veilleux). I was sitting next to Harry Corbitt, father of Maine point guard Kim Corbitt, who said at the half (25-20 Tech), "Bob, I like our chances in this game. They`re keeping our seniors from scoring, but that can`t last through the second half." But it did last. Tech was playing without its 6-5 post, who had a broken leg, and without Jia Perkins, who was pregnant. Perkins went on to become a star in the WNBA. Thought that was a classy move by Marsha Sharp. 

 Bob Neal, New Sharon

Posted by: fafan on Tue Aug 25th, 2020 2:25 pm

Would either of these two players from Maine be an option as a walkon for this year and maybe earn a scholarship going forward???

Posted by: turkeyman on Tue Aug 25th, 2020 5:25 pm

 Interesting question, FAfan.

 I have seen Colby in person only once and on TV two or three times. I thought her a possible Div. I prospect, but wasn`t surprised when she went Div. II. Potential playing time might have been a consideration.

 I`ve never seen Haines play, in person or on TV, so have no assessment.

 So far as coming in as walk-ons, that might not appeal to either of them since their schollies are kept in force at NYIT. Either of them might want at least preferred walk-on status to come home. More likely, a full scholarship, maybe.

 Here are some considerations. As best I can figure, Uaine has two scholarships to give. The roster is 14, and Lexi Mittlestadt of Mount Blue is a PWO.

 I don`t know what if any contact existed between Colby or Haines and UMaine during recruitment, so I don`t know if there are any bruised feelings. But it seems that in the usual order of things, if anyone were to get one of the two schollies it would be Lexi. If I remember correctly, when Tracy Guerrette went to Maine as a walkon, she was awarded a scholarship late in her first year. But it might not have been until after that season. Just not sure.

 Think about this. NYIT is only 10 miles from Adelphi. The HC of wbb at Adelphi is Missy Traversi, UMaine 2005. Last year, her team was ranked at least as high as No. 7 in the Div. II power ratings, and it was on a roll going into conference tournaments when the rug was yanked. Missy might just take a short ride up I-495 and visit one or both of these young women. 

 Academically, UMaine might be a strong fit for either or both Colby and Haines. Maine`s greatest academic strengths are in engineering and the exact sciences, and both of these players had already chosen a strong STEM school, so Maine might be a good fit. 

 It`s a tough time for all 250 athletes at NYIT. I expecrt to see more and more schools either drop athletics altogether or use COVID as a reason to reasses and then drop a lot of sports, as Stanford did, deep-sixing about a dozen sports.

 Bob Neal, New Sharon 

Posted by: mainejeff on Wed Aug 26th, 2020 8:57 am

Maine has received a 2021 commitment from 5-8 SG Bailey Wilborn (Andover Central HS/ KS)

Posted by: fafan on Wed Aug 26th, 2020 2:52 pm

Wow, only watched a minute and was blown away with quick release and stepback 3 shooting. How did we land her from Kansas???

Posted by: turkeyman on Wed Aug 26th, 2020 5:37 pm

 Wow is right, fa. Just looked at the link. If she spoke Luxembourgish she could pass as Anne Simon`s right-handed sister. Same shooting look, same body control, apparently the same fearlessness, same selflessness.  Hard to tell from short clips, but it looks like her court awareness is strong, too. Great ability to pass on the move. Quick hands.

 When Sharon Versyp was here, she made a couple of recruiting forays into the Midwest -- Chris Yonan, pg from Chicago; Brittany Bowen, sg from Wisconsin; Lindsey Hugstad-Vaa (Huggy) post from Twin Cities. Looks like Coach Vachon is looking out that way, too.

 Kansas has long had strong girls basketball. I noticed from some of the games that her team plays all over the state, and it is a big state. It played against Hays (far west), Atchison (northeast), Dodge City (south central), Salina (north central), Newton (east central and home of the best hamburger I ever ate, which was at the Santa Fe depot) and must have played most of the Wichita teams since she`s just a few miles from there. Looks like she may have gone up against the best Kansas offers.

 Wonder if Jhasmin Player had anything to do with directing her to Maine. That might turn out to be a great favor to her old team if she did. Guess we`ll have to wait a year to find out. The roster for the future is looking good. Three oral commitments for `21, one for `22. And six first-years for 2020, if we get a season.

 Bob Neal, New Sharon

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