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on Tue Oct 22nd, 2019 10:35 pm
[u:2hqe11xn]Tuesday, October 22, 2019[/u:2hqe11xn][i:2hqe11xn]FIELD HOCKEY[/i:2hqe11xn]A North quarterfinal: Mt. Ararat 2, Messalonskee 1, 2OTA North quarterfinal: Skowhegan 11, Bangor 1A South quarterfinal: Westbrook 4, Cheverus 3B North quarterfinal: Belfast 5, Nokomis 0B North quarterfinal: Gardiner 2, Old Town 1B North quarterfinal: Lawrence 4, MCI 0B North quarterfinal: Winslow 9, John Bapst 0B South quarterfinal: Lake Region 1, Cape Elizabeth 0B South quarterfinal: York 3, Poland 0C North quarterfinal: Dirigo 3, Spruce Mountain 2, 2OTC North quarterfinal: Foxcroft Academy 1, Mt. View 0C South quarterfinal: Wells 5, North Yarmouth Academy 2C South quarterfinal: Winthrop/Monmouth 6, Hall-Dale 0
on Wed Oct 23rd, 2019 11:05 pm
[u:2j0xilyx]Wednesday, October 23, 2019[/u:2j0xilyx][i:2j0xilyx]FIELD HOCKEY[/i:2j0xilyx]A South quarterfinal: Biddeford 5, Thornton Academy 0A South quarterfinal: Gorham 3, Falmouth 1A South quarterfinal: Massabesic 4, Sanford 1B South quarterfinal: Freeport 2, Leavitt 0B South quarterfinal: Fryeburg Academy 2, Yarmouth 0C South quarterfinal: St. Dominic 7, Boothbay 3
on Thu Oct 24th, 2019 9:14 pm
[u:3fx3naqo]Thursday, October 24, 2019[/u:3fx3naqo][i:3fx3naqo]FIELD HOCKEY[/i:3fx3naqo]A North quarterfinal: Cony 3, Oxford Hills 2A North quarterfinal: Mt. Blue 3, Brunswick 0C North quarterfinal: Dexter 2, Piscataquis 0C North quarterfinal: Mountain Valley 6, Orono 0C South quarterfinal: Oak Hill 6, Lisbon 0
on Fri Oct 25th, 2019 10:06 pm
[u:1kibwu3r]Friday, October 25, 2019[/u:1kibwu3r][i:1kibwu3r]FIELD HOCKEY[/i:1kibwu3r]B North semifinal: Winslow 3, Lawrence 0
on Sat Oct 26th, 2019 10:27 pm
[u:3fcwb0am]Saturday, October 26, 2019[/u:3fcwb0am][i:3fcwb0am]FIELD HOCKEY[/i:3fcwb0am]A North semifinal: Mt. Blue 2, Cony 1A North semifinal: Skowhegan 10, Mt. Ararat 0A South semifinal: Biddeford 2, Westbrook 0A South semifinal: Massabesic 3, Gorham 2B North semifinal: Belfast 2, Gardiner 1B South semifinal: Fryeburg Academy 3, Freeport 2, 2OTB South semifinal: York 3, Lake Region 0C North semifinal: Dexter 1, Mountain Valley 0C North semifinal: Foxcroft Academy 4, Dirigo 0C South semifinal: St. Dominic 3, Oak Hill 2C South semifinal: Winthrop/Monmouth 7, Wells 0
on Mon Oct 28th, 2019 12:17 pm
Field Hockey Regional Games - - Order of Play October 30, 2019[u:2o0i2xp8]South Sanford High School[/u:2o0i2xp8][i:2o0i2xp8]3:00 p.m. ~ Class B[/i:2o0i2xp8]Fryeburg vs. York[i:2o0i2xp8]5:00 p.m. ~ Class C[/i:2o0i2xp8]St. Dominic vs. Winthrop [i:2o0i2xp8]7:00 p.m. ~ Class A[/i:2o0i2xp8]Massabesic vs. Biddeford [u:2o0i2xp8]North Hampden Academy[/u:2o0i2xp8][i:2o0i2xp8]3:00 p.m. ~ Class B[/i:2o0i2xp8]Belfast vs. Winslow[i:2o0i2xp8]5:00 p.m. ~ Class A[/i:2o0i2xp8]Mt. Blue vs. Skowhegan[i:2o0i2xp8]7:00 p.m. ~ Class C[/i:2o0i2xp8]Dexter vs. Foxcroft
on Wed Oct 30th, 2019 10:10 pm
[u:10p5fdul]Wednesday, October 30, 2019[/u:10p5fdul][i:10p5fdul]FIELD HOCKEY[/i:10p5fdul]A North regional final: Skowhegan 5, Mt. Blue 0A South regional final: Biddeford 3, Massabesic 1B North regional final: Winslow 5, Belfast 2B South regional final: York 3, Fryeburg Academy 1C North regional final: Foxcroft Academy 2, Dexter 1C South regional final: Winthrop/Monmouth 4, St. Dominic 1
Posted by: hoopsisme on Thu Oct 31st, 2019 10:36 am
All 6, #1 seeds advanced. Pretty unusual in many other sports. A few schools have carved a niche.
on Sat Nov 2nd, 2019 10:13 pm
[u:1wsrxlce]2019 MPA FIELD HOCKEY FINALS[/u:1wsrxlce][i:1wsrxlce]FIELD HOCKEY[/i:1wsrxlce]A state championship: Skowhegan 3, Biddeford 0B state championship: Winslow 7, York 2C state championship: Foxcroft Academy 3, Winthrop 0