Parental influenced coaching

Posted by: lovethegame on Thu May 3rd, 2018 2:05 pm
I want to have a serious discussion. No finger pointing. No he said, she said. None of this I heard it from my co-worker who heard it from their nanny, etc foolishness. And certainly no made up outlandish lies that only stem from irate and ego bruised parents/family members/community members/fans. Let's have a serious discussion on why parents are allowed to have so much influence on schools, athletic programs, and pretty much any and all coaches.This is being posted in several of the Maine high school forums, so feel free to post in any.The average coaching span now is 3 years at any level, particularly the varsity level. I recently worked with a coach who said if he's lucky enough to be kept, he tries to stay at any coaching position he has for no longer than 5 years. Surprisingly, he's getting ready to embark on his 6th year at his current position. When I asked why the 5 years, he said that eventually you'll come across a group of parents where whatever you do, it's not enough. You could play every player on the team every minute of every game, win every game, win the championship every year you have that coaching position, treat everybody with respect, be loved by everyone, and help the program and players grow every year, but eventually, a group of parents will come along that will just cause issues and want the head coach, whomever it may be, gone. Personally, I agree with this coach's remarks.Why is it like this? Why can't coaches be left alone and supported for the hard work and time they put in. Obviously there are outliers to any point of view taken. Yes, there are some bad people out there. Yes, schools have to be careful and cautious of who they hire in this day and age. But why can't the good ones be left alone? Why is it possible for the complaints of one or two individual parents to be enough to get a coach fired, especially when that coach has provided their particular team with regular growth, development, and character building of the players?I think as a community of obvious poor communicators, we as a society deserve answers to these types of questions. Far too many times over the past several years we have all sat back and watched parents just annihilate a schools' athletic department because of the destruction they've caused from their own personal agendas. I've seen parents run coaches out of town and then take their coaching positions only to do a far worse job and then get run out by their own parenting peers. I've seen parents run out ADs and then get hired as the AD themselves only to be done a few weeks or months later because they couldn't handle the stress that the other parents caused them. I've seen entire administrations be replaced because they supported a coachs' decision or wouldn't follow through with a parent's request of a particular situation. I've seen a school go through 6 boy's basketball coaches in 5 years because of parent involvement. And the list goes on. There are some ridiculous incidents that have occurred in just the past 3-5 years that make you shake your head and ask why. How?I actually know what some of the responses will be; Schools are afraid of getting sued; Parents gang up and sign petitions; People dig up dirt and force people of higher authority out; so on and so forth. When does it stop? When will a school finally put it's foot down and say enough is enough! You want to this thing to go to court, then let's go. When will a school board finally stand up to the people complaining and say, "Yeah, we know all of you and we're all friends. But we're not going to let you make a mockery of this school because you have an agenda." When is a school going to stop being afraid of the negative and stand up for what is right during a particular situation when they know something is wrong instead of caving to the parental pressure? When do the ridiculous political games stop?We need some answers. Over bearing parents you need to chime in and say your piece on this forum. Why is your child and your agenda always so much more important than the greater good of the team or the entire athletic department? Why does almost every parental issue need to be addressed and why do hard working coaches need to be fired over your complaints? Why can't you take your rose colored glasses off and see the whole picture?I'm hoping to hear some well thought out, intelligent responses. The past few years have gotten sickening and we need to understand why.