SJ All-Region Girls' Hockey

Posted by: MBR on Sat Apr 7th, 2018 3:07 am
All-Region Girls' Hockey: Scoring no problem for Lutrzykowski of St. Dom's.. . Love is what allowed Lutrzykowski to not let opponents’ lock-down strategies get to her.“I love the sport of hockey. It’s really, really hard to get me frustrated during hockey games just because I love the sport so much,” Lutrzykowski said. “So there were times that I wished I hadn’t had a couple girls on me a game, but in all reality I was doing what I love, so I never got mad or upset or frustrated with the game.”Gosselin called Lutrzykowski a “natural scorer” but also a “natural leader.” The second superlative was just as important for the Saints as the first. ... f-st-doms/