Posted by: MBR on Thu Apr 5th, 2018 4:11 am
THE RIGHT WAY TO TAKE CARE OF ‘BUSINESS’ ON THE TRAIL...When there’s no privy available, which is a lot of the time, you’ve got to dig a cathole. Grab your kit and walk at least 200 feet away from any trail, water source or campsite. Go further if you can, but not so far that you get lost (it happens). Take note of where you left the trail and your pack and glance back as you go to keep your bearings.At your chosen spot, use your trowel to dig a hole 6-to-8 inches deep and 4-to-6 inches across. I know a lot of hikers who think you can dig a proper hole without a trowel; you can’t. Buy one, carry it and use it.Drop your business into the hole. Use a stick to mix some loose dirt into your poop, which hastens the decomposition process and helps discourage critters from digging things up. Fill in the hole and cover it over, leaving the site in as natural a state as possible.Bury your toilet paper with the mess, or better, place it in a freezer bag to pack out (required now in many areas). Baby wipes and sanitary napkins are not biodegradable, so put them in the bag too. Then use your hand sanitizer to thoroughly cleanse your hands. Grab your toilet kit and you’re done. ... ess-trail/