Super spring streamer flies

Posted by: MBR on Wed Apr 4th, 2018 4:22 am
Super spring streamer flies...Some of the fishermen had never heard of a couple of the streamer patterns I mentioned, and others wanted an opinion on bright colors versus dull or feather wing versus bucktail.Letís discuss hooks first. Streamers being cast while wading streams or floating small ponds are single hook, while streamer flies being trolled behind a boat on large lakes or rivers tend to be tandem using two hooks connected ó one behind the other. I favor a 2X to 4X long shank in size 6, 8, or 10 for most Aroostook brooks, rivers and small ponds, selecting size by water depth and speed. For tandems, I prefer a size 4 front hook and a size 6 trailer hook.Some fly tiers combine a size two and four, usually for very high water, and others use a pair of size 4 or size 6 for both front and back hooks. Often itís a matter of personal preference and past experience for the size combos, but one technique I highly recommend when tying tandems is to reverse front and rear hook orientation. With the front hook in a normal downward barb position, I attach the trailer hook facing barb upward with a short length of plastic covered wire. ... mer-flies/