Canoe and kayak racing season...

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Saturday's St. George River Race kicks off canoe and kayak racing seasonThe local canoe and kayak racing season starts this weekend with the St. George River Race.
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Late-week runoff makes St. George River Race a splashing good time...And some got up close and personal with more stationary objects, as well.“I put myself into a tree and I had to lean back,” explained Ander Thebaud of Mount Desert, an experienced paddler who has been teaming up with Chip Loring of Indian Island for the past 10 or 12 years. “I figured [the tree] was going to take me out if I didn’t lean back far enough.”That didn’t happen, but the tree did claim her paddle, forcing a short mid-race change in tactics.“I said, ‘Can we wait for my paddle [to float by]?’ Thebaud said with a chuckle. ... good-time/
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Results from Saturday’s St. George River RaceCanoe racingSt. George River RaceAt Searsmont (109 craft)Overall winner: Ben Randall, kayak, 39 minutes, 10 seconds; Canoe winner: Rod McLain 41:54Anything Goes: Emmanuel Boss 58:22; Century: Chip Loring, Ander Thibaud 46:48, Terry Wescott, Dale Hartt 47:26, Tammy Kelley, Bob Hessler 48:37, Andy Abello, Peter Abello 52:52, Eric Taylor, Ellen Hall 54:33, John Lightner, Hughes Kraft 54:36, Jon Thurston, Roy Thurston 58:53; College: Jasper Houston, Jesse Newton 49:49, Megan Nowland, Sidney Beardsworth 1:01:14, Bryce Graves, Liam Harrington 1:02:20, Adam Williams, Libby Washburn 1:23:55, Eliza McGarr, Sean Anderson 1:37:19; High School: Kellen Doyle, Damon Gallipeau 43:12, Kell Fremouw, Cole May 49:00, Brady Burke, Jack Burke 53:49; Jr-Sr, 12 & Under: Jamie Hannon, Corva Hannon 48:43, Ryan Mitchell, Alana Mitchell 50:03, Peter Hastings, Henry Hastival 59:50, Andy Price, Alex Price 1:16:07; Jr-Sr, 13-16: Justin Wardwell, Finn Wardwell 47:06, Dan Kelley, Colby Kelley 50:49, Chris Dalton, Katie Dalton 51:09, Isaac Widmer, Glen Widmer 54:25, Aaron Winslow, Kayden Richards 54:35, Lee Graf, Brigham Graf 59:20, Nathan Harrington, Isaac Harrington 1:02:49; K: Ben Randall 39:10, Ray Wirth 40:31, Hank Thorburn 40:49, Justin Varney 43:54, Andrew Cooper 44:25, Dave Kelley 51:04, Ben Fuller 1:01:08; KS: Mark Bamford 46:46, Brian Foley 46:50, Adam Scott 48:15, Dan Baumert 48:44, Jason Baltes 49:45, Larry Merrill 50:13, Chris Steiner 1:02:35, Chris Schreiber 1:09:10, Ben Greeley 1:11:19, River Bourgoine 1:24:10; KW: Leslie Gregory 49:13, Alex Horme 50:26, Jessica Sterling 52:31, Aili Hartikka 1:08:20; KWW: Matt Jameson 48:31; OC1: Rod McLain 41:54, Bob Martin 48:23, Brian Battista 51:18, Dick Kelley 58:21, RW Estela 1:06:02; OC1R: Rick Gause 51:24, Morgan Baxter 52:19, Mark Risinger 53:41, River Robertson 53:55, Bob Winslow 58:23, Roger Merchant 1:03:03, Chris Corey 1:04:08, Edgar Lamb, Jr. 1:05:41, Wayne Pitre 1:07:11; OC1W: Hannah Rubin 48:50; OC2M: Tommy Owen, Jeff Owen 42:07; J.R. Mabee, Nolan Mabee 43:56, Eric Gallandt, Karl Kreutz 44:03, Ashton Mabee, Clayton Cole 44:45, Bill Deighan, Eve Dana 47:02; OC2Mix: Dan Littlefield, Ade Macleod 47:34, Bucky Owen, Susannah Owen 49:29; OC2Mix Rec: Nicole Grohoski, Shawn Burke 46:43, Angus Deighan, Abbey Verrier 48:03, Dale Cross, Caitlin May 48:11, Lara Dorr, Greg Dorr 48:40, Christina Halsted, Emily Jolliffe 49:42, Anna Bastides, Eric Guiana 51:55, Noah Klemr, Lauren Cote 56:05, Hester Kohl, Erik Brooks 57:20, Jennifer Neptune, Tom Moriarty 58:52; OC2RM: Nolan Steele, Ted Steele 46:45, Rich May, Aaron Cross 47:01, DW Smith, David Lee 47:04, Chad Robertson, Greg Caruso 48:46, James Robbins, Noah Robbins 52:07, John Dietter, Chris Richmond 56:16, Hunter Tzovarras, Arrian Stockdell 1:06:50; OC2RS: Brian Wagner, Kevin Coombs 51:23, Greg Shute, Kate Ziminsky 51:28, Sam Howell, Matt Lewis 55:09, Eddie Hatch, Nick Bambrick 55:54, Joe McGowan, True Bragg 58:11, Benjamin Marriner Pratt, Logan Perkins 1:00:32, Robert Hanscome, Adam Sawyer 1:02:30, Davie Baird, Steve Withers 1:07:31, Jacob Pendleton, Ivan Bragg 1:13:12; OC2W: Jen Adams, Hannah Marshall 56:05, Katie Schoette, Grace McMullan 56:53, Dana Williams, Sofi Lopez 1:02:43, Megan Jackson, Leah Jackson 1:19:02; OC2WW: Josh Howell, Billy Day 52:01, James Seymour, Bud Robbins 54:23, Erin Fay, Ed Varney 56:38, Murphy Macleod, Jeff Littlefield 58:13, Ron Roberts, Shawn Roberts 1:00:20source: ... iver-race/
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Updated with videoSplish splash: Chills, spills, watery fun for paddlers in St. George River Race[i:yz02tcgg]Randall, McLain fastest in popular Waldo County YMCA-sponsored whitewater racing event[/i:yz02tcgg]SEARSMONT — The water was high and fast and — literally and figuratively — helped to provide plenty of spills, chills and hairy moments for paddlers during the 39th annual St. George River Race on Saturday, March 31.The Waldo County YMCA-sponsored event traditionally opens the whitewater paddle season in Maine and is a true sign that spring is in the air — even if the first official day of the new season was 12 days earlier.Nonetheless, on a beautiful day, with temperatures in the high-40s, 177 paddlers in 109 craft made the fast, tricky trek down the river, most over the surface of the water and around the dangerous boulders in the river.However, more than a few paddlers also, often without warning, took an unexpected and unwanted dip in the cold water. ... ce/1736451
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‘Wonderful whitewater’ expected for 45th annual Passagassawakeag canoe raceThis week’s race: The 45th annual Passagassawakeag River Race in Waldo, where race director Dale Cross expects a wild adventure to unfold for those who enter Saturday’s seven-mile event.“It has rained pretty good here [in Belfast],” Cross said on Wednesday morning. “I haven’t been out to the river today, but I can tell you, I was on the river last night clearing brush, and it’s nice. It’s at a great level right now. I expect it to be fairly high on Saturday.”Cross said he expected the river to be near the level paddlers saw on the St. George last week. ... anoe-race/