Hiking in Maine: There’s no need to travel far for a long-di

Posted by: MBR on Wed Mar 28th, 2018 4:18 am
HIKING IN MAINE: THERE’S NO NEED TO TRAVEL FAR FOR A LONG-DISTANCE HIKEA handful of trails right here in Maine and around New England offer trips ranging from a few days to a solid month.Here’s a look to help whet your planning whistle for the summer hiking season.[i:1bltge3w]GRAFTON LOOP TRAIL[/i:1bltge3w]This 39-mile circuit through the rough-and-tumble mountain country on both sides of Route 26 through Grafton Notch makes a terrific backpacking excursion. The heights on Sunday River Whitecap and Old Speck are highlights on the western half, while Puzzle Mountain, Lightning Ledge, and East and West Baldpate offer great views on the eastern part. Eight tent sites and an AT shelter offer camping options. Info: outdoors.org.http://mainetoday.com/maine-outdoors/hi ... ance-hike/