Element All-Stars cheering continues to grow, prosper

Posted by: MBR on Sat Mar 17th, 2018 1:58 am
Element All-Stars cheering continues to grow, prosper...ďThat was my goal, and when I did take over the business, I was like, we just need, in order to grow this business, we need our own location,Ē said Keneborus, who took over the former Planet Cheer program in 2016, two years after Matthew Hanley established Element All-Stars as Planet Cheerís owners were set to close the business to focus on family.Keneborusí cheering background goes farther back than she cares to admit. She cheered at Leavitt High School where she was an NCA All-American and then competed at Wayland Baptist University in Texas. Then came rec and high school cheering jobs before starting a family. Her daughters eventually got into cheering and when they grew a passion for the sport they found Planet Cheer.Thatís a big reason Keneborus took over the business. Itís been a successful endeavor ever since, and a bigger facility is just the next step in that metaphorical and physical growthhttp://www.sunjournal.com/element-all-s ... w-prosper/