Itís a two-for-one deal on North Pond in Woodstock

Posted by: MBR on Tue Oct 17th, 2017 6:16 am
Canoeing in Maine: Itís a two-for-one deal on North Pond in WoodstockTake a hike up Buck's Ledge before enjoying a paddle around the pond that beckons off Route 26....Think how many times you have driven on Route 26 up to Bethel and seen this pond on the right just before the Mount Abram ski area. The imposing vertical gray face of Buckís Ledge peers down over the water just to the east of the pond. Every time by, we have vowed to explore the pond in our canoe.The years have flown by, but we finally did last week.We hiked up to Buckís Ledge on the western flank of Moody Mountain before exploring the pond. The parking area is off Route 26 about 11/2 miles west of the sharp turn in Bryant Pond. Follow the gravel road and trail for 11/2 miles to the vast open cliffs overlooking North Pond. The fall colors were at peak and dazzling. Three miles to the southwest sat Mount Abram in wait for early snows. A line of granite ringed islands and islets bisected the pond below our feet. We couldnít wait to scramble down the mountain and get in our canoe. ... woodstock/