Itís Worth the Trip: Mount Kineo provides a dramatic sight w

Posted by: PPH on Sun Aug 27th, 2017 7:38 am
Itís Worth the Trip: Mount Kineo provides a dramatic sight with plenty of historyOn the eastern shore of Moosehead Lake, Mount Kineo State Park is only accessible by water.On a recent trip to Portlandís Industrial Way, I stopped in to Battery Steele Brewing, one of the many new small breweries to open in Maine this year. Working through their beer offerings, I was tickled to see the beer names seemed to take inspiration from the Maine landscape. Among the taps and cans were familiar names like Flume, Knox, Telos and Avalon, all names familiar to me from my Gazetteer.But I was particularly struck by Kineo, one of Battery Steeleís IPAs. It wasnít just because the beer was great Ė though it was Ė but because it reminded me of one of my favorite hikes in Maine. Mount Kineo, situated on a peninsula on the eastern shores of Moosehead Lake, rises to an elevation of nearly 1,800 feet on the largest body of water in Maine. The peak, formed by a glacier that trundled across northern Maine thousands of years ago, has a steep southeast face Ė basically, sheer cliffs dropping 800 feet to the shore. Itís a dramatic sight that would look more at home on the Bold Coast in Downeast Maine than on an interior lake. ... f-history/