Camden man to recreate Benedict Arnold Expedition to seize Q

Posted by: Pilot on Fri Aug 25th, 2017 5:31 am
Camden man to recreate Benedict Arnold Expedition to seize Quebec...What am I doing? I’m retracing Benedict Arnold’s 1775 expedition up the Kennebec to “sneak” into Canada and take Quebec City from the British for the fledgling Continental Army.Along with a handful of equally foolhardy experiential adventurers, I’ll be paddling, poling and carrying a 400-pound replica of an 18th-century bateau from Gardiner, Maine, to Arnold’s destination.It’s a torturous 350-mile journey, half of which is upstream. When we we’re not fighting rapids, we’ll be portaging our craft over ankle-breaking bogs, rocky outcroppings, steep pathways and sometimes even a road or two.We have to go up the Kennebec and Dead rivers, portage to and between many ponds, lakes and impassable waterways, head down Quebec’s Chaudiere (boiler in French--yikes) River, and portage another dozen miles to the Etchemin River that empties into the St. Lawrence. Finally, if all has gone even somewhat according to plan, we’ll cross the wide St. Lawrence in early November and attack Quebec City — or at least the first creperie! ... ebec/91078