Techniques For Sea Kayaking In The Fog

Posted by: MBR on Fri Jun 30th, 2017 7:37 am
Techniques For Sea Kayaking In The FogSIX SKILLS TO AID ANY SEA KAYAKER STAY ON-COURSE WHEN THE WEATHER ROLLS IN.Sea kayaking in the fog when out on big open water and navigating to an intended way-point can be intimidating even for the seasoned paddler. There are numerous variables such as wind, currents, bad weather and low visibility that can work to turn a great day on the water into a less-than ideal situation. Writer and avid kayaker Conor Mihell shares with us his tips for staying the course and reaching your intended destination.Its only when we pull out a chart and compare it to reality that my friend Craig and I realize the magnitude of the endeavor were about to attempt. Our destination, tiny Caribou Island, a mop-topped sandbank in the heart of Lake Superior, lies 22 nautical miles from our gravel beach on the south shore of Michipicoten Island. Today, the yawning gulf of open water depicted on the chart is represented in real life by a swirling mass of gauzy fog. A quick compass bearing taken on the chart reveals the truth: To stray merely 2.5 degrees on either side of our intended bearing would see us paddling over 100 kilometers until we hit the nearest land. Even the best-made plans would have us playing a dangerous game of dice. Were fogbound. ... bQ.twitter