Clearing the way on the Appalachian Trail

Posted by: MBR on Mon May 22nd, 2017 7:28 am
Clearing the way on the Appalachian Trail...Itís the middle of May when throngs of maintainers from the Maine Appalachian Trail Club take to the trail, after the snowpack has diminished but before Memorial Day weekend. From the boundary of Baxter State Park to Grafton Notch in the Mahoosucs, weíve got a brief window of time to clear the winter blowdowns and clip back the brush to open the way for the summer hiking season.In the morning, we hike along the trail under threatening skies. In the first mile, I remove 15 trees that have fallen across the path; none are over five inches in diameter, so itís easy cutting. We stop to brush out a particularly thick section of hobblebush and restack and sticker several old piles of cedar planks needed for future bog-bridging work. ... ian-trail/
Posted by: MBR on Mon Jul 31st, 2017 5:09 am
Gotta go hiking? Trail club holds privy-building demoMaine's part of the Appalachian Trail has 42 aging outhouses that need to be replaced....Privies are difficult to build, she explained Sunday as volunteers worked on the wooden structure. Usually, it involves volunteers bringing the materials up a trail to construct, and not just transportation of a finished product.The privy being built Sunday is part of an effort by the Maine Appalachian Trail Club and the University of Maine College of Engineering to replace 42 aging privies on Maineís section of the Appalachian Trail, some of which are decades old. Since 2013, the club has replaced less than 10 of those privies but hopes to speed up the process. ... onference/