after Maine: keeping up on former UMainers

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Derrick hopes to be a gem as a pro quarterback

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starting his coaching career in one of the top junior A leagues in Canada #mesports #blackbearnation #bchl

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Bernardo brothers take clothing company from UMaine baseball roots to the NFL

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 Anyone know about these two former wbb players who transferred out?

 Julie Brosseau from Quebec played two seasons at Maine and transferred to Utah. Sat out a year, then played in 2019-20. Her PT dropped by at least half, after starting most of two years at Maine, and her point production dropped by more than half. But she got into all or almost all Utah games last year. She most likely graduated this spring, and her name is not on the 20-21 roster. Odd becuase the Utes put out a press release of her and her housemates quarantining in Salt Lake City in May. Utah has five new players this year, transfers and freshmen. 

 Tihana Stoljelvic from Croatia transferred to Texas Tech, sat out a year and then rode pine for almost all of 2018-19. She did not play at Tech in 19-20, but I read somewhere that she had graduated with a double major (political science and econ?). Then she turned up in the transfer portal and signed to go to grad school at UVa. A press release from UVa said she played second semester of 19-20, but she doesn`t show up on the roster for 19-20, and UVa hasn`t posted a roster for 20-21. Would she have one semester of eligibility left at UVa?

 Brosseau was a lock on all-AE, possibly first team for 19-20. But she wanted to be the little fish in the big pond. I read that she thought she was too good for UMaine, but her experience at Utah suggests she might have had a more active career here than touring the west to such exciting places as Pullman, Wash., and Corvallis, Ore. Stoljelvic was a project from the start, a European three-star recruit who just didn`t seem to develop. Anyone know the whereabout of either?

 Bob Neal

 New Sharon

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Was going to copy the previous post, but I can`t shorten it to just the part I was going to discuss, so decided not to do that. By the way, is it possible to get that editing feature back?

Anyway, I know you mentioned Pullman and Corvallis, but come on, the Pac-12 has some beautiful areas beginning with where she would be spending the majority of her time, Salt Lake City. That is a pretty nice area and the campus itself is nice. She would travel to the Bay Area for a couple of games, Boulder, Tucson, Tempe, Seattle, LA. Sure, I hate LA but man, it is a decent place to visit and see once a year for a couple of years. 

Posted by: turkeyman on Wed Jul 15th, 2020 10:02 pm

Hey, Parquet,

 I`m chauvinistic about UMaine and not very forgiving of those who bail. I was offered a job running a newsroom in Walla Walla (1978) but turned it down partly because of the isolation. With two young boys, a 550-mile round trip to Seattle or the wrong Portland was not going to happen often enough. Folks in Walla Walla said Pullman was even more isolated.

 And, I lived in LA for nearly a year when I attended USC -- played pickup basketball with Willie Wood and Monte Clark a couple of times -- but didn`t much care for it. I`ve only been back twice, to visit my older sister and then for her memorial in 2007.

 Did notice that in one of the pix of Julie Brosseau on the Utes` website she is wearing Dodger gear, so she may have enjoyed her visits to LA. But it pales beside her home city, which is my favorite city in all of North America. We lived there for five years, and our second son was born there. 

 And, yes, Salt Lake City seemed lovely when my car broke down there in 1959. On a Sunday, we found a Sears manager who would open his store -- nothing was open on Sunday back then -- so I could buy a radiator. So, yeah, that was a dig at the Pac-12. But I`ve been on five of the Pac-12 campuses (SC, UCLA, Berkeley, UW and Boulder), and all are very comfortable. I would probably like Pullman, Corvallis and Eugene a lot more now than I wouild have in 1978 when I was only a year from living in Montreal.

 Thanks for calling me out. I`ll be more careful with digs in future.

 I often wonder about kids who transfer and how those decisions work out for them. My guess is that for most, the athletic side of it doesn`t work so well as they had hoped but maybe the academic and/or personal side makes up for that. Of the five who transferred in 2017, Sole has good numbers (less PT but more ppg and rpg) and Caceras has better numbers. (Looking the other way, Tanesha Sutton came to Maine and in basketball and academics she thrived. Much better than at Duquesne.) Stoljelvic wasn`t a factor anywhere she played, Kelava hasn`t improved her numbers though she is a two-year starter at Georgetown, but that team is not good and may not get better. Pepe Lopez moved down to DII and was the leading scorer her senior year for St. Edward`s in Austin, Texas. 

 Bob Neal

 New Sharon

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parquetfloor, thanks for pointing out that fix on "copy"  

as an fyi ... programmer gone silent recently as economy, young family, health, seem to be impacting his day to day ....  We`re so close on forums as well as other programming changes. thx for your patience..

I`ll start a new global post soon to update all visitors to MBR .. thx for your patience   

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Douglas Leichner ...

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Bob, I hear you. I love UMaine as well and hate kids transferring out. I`m sure people take digs at Orono, ME all the time due to the isolation but I absolutely love that area as well as most of the state of Maine. 

I wasn`t trying to be mean or take a dig at you so I hope you didn`t take it that way. Just pointing out that there are some pretty nice places in the Pac-12. 

And Tom, thanks for looking into getting that fixed. 

Hope everyone is staying safe!

Posted by: ExpoEddie on Thu Jul 16th, 2020 11:51 am

My take over the many years is you hope to get a 50/50 split on those transferring out and those wanting to come in.  On the recruiting side you hope the coaching staff can find that diamond in the rought the larger conferences missed.  However, after year two do they look to cash in and go to more prestigious confernece or stay out of happiness/loyalty.  Maine kids like Parise are in it for the full four years, why it is critical to get the one or two legit D1 from Maine to stay in Maine.  Then there are those who went big, sat on the pine or JC and Maine finds them, tell them you will play right away. 

Carlisle and Whooley went out, Jeff Cross stayed and Bedard came back.  Markwood came back.  I do not see this changing and shows how critical recruiting is.