Tap in to the life of Eli ‘Danger Mouse’ Leland

Posted by: MBR on Sat Dec 3rd, 2016 7:14 am
Tap in to the life of Eli ‘Danger Mouse’ LelandPORTLAND-- They announce him as Eli ‘Danger Mouse’ Leland, but it wasn’t always that way.“I realized real quick that stuff needed to change and that wasn’t the lifestyle I wanted,” said Eli Leland, reflecting on the journey that brought him to Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) fighting more than eight years ago. Leland was working two jobs consisting of 10-hour shifts each when he walked into The Academy of Mixed Martial Arts in Portland and his life changed.“I remember training for the first time, wrestling. I remember right next to me there was a guy climbing up and down ropes in an L-seated position without using his legs, some kind of crazy gymnast. Next to him was some dude hitting a giant truck tire with a sledgehammer, over and over, and in the far back there was a bunch of people doing MMA training and taking lessons from coach Jay Jack. Everybody else in the room is just trying to choke each other and kill each other and I was like, ‘this is my home,’” Leland laughs.http://www.journaltribune.com/news/2016 ... eland.html