2016 Team Championship Results

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2016 Team High School Championship ResultsClass A1. Gorham (won on tiebreaker)2. Mt. Ararat3. FalmouthClass B1. Erskine2. Cape Elizabeth3. Old TownClass C1. Mattanawcook2. St. Doms3. Winthrop
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hole by hole results http://tpp.ghin.com/Club/Scoring/Result ... ?id=157417
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2016 High School Team ChampionshipNatanis Golf Course - Tomahawk10/08/2016CLASS A[i:3mw1y19i]Rank[/i:3mw1y19i]1|Gorham|317 (Won on Tiebreaker)Ryan Kaczmarek (Gorham)|77Cam Stevens (Gorham)|82Brandon Desjardin (Gorham)|80Lucas Roop (Gorham)|79Marc Yankowsky (Gorham)|812|Mt. Ararat|317Cade Charron (Mt. Ararat)|84Will Kavanaugh (Mt. Ararat)|85Steve Schuman (Mt. Ararat)|96Caleb Manuel (Mt. Ararat)|73Cam Cox (Mt. Ararat)|753|Falmouth|322Dex Dremann (Falmouth)|79Charlie Emple (Falmouth)|82Matt Adamowicz (Falmouth)|86Reed Lonsdale (Falmouth)|79Riley Lonsdale (Falmouth)|824|Scarborough|323Brogan Kane (Scarborough)|90Ted Forsley (Scarborough)|84Ethan Mason (Scarborough)|76Anthony Burnham (Scarborough)|76Elizabeth Lacognata (Scarborough)|875|Greely|327Rachel Smith (Greely)|81Ryan Megathlin (Greely)|85Joe Piwowarski (Greely)|83Erin Holmes (Greely)|82Tate Porter (Greely)|816|Cheverus|331Jeremy Baker (Cheverus)|82Ryan McSorley (Cheverus)|83Conor MacDonald (Cheverus)|83Tom Higgins (Cheverus)|85Kyle Cholod (Cheverus)|837|Thorton Academy|334Armand Ouellette (Thorton Academy)|83Eric Boucher (Thorton Academy)|86Matt Merrill (Thorton Academy)|88Jordan Laplume (Thorton Academy)|82Jacob Laplume (Thorton Academy)|838|Edward Little|341Ben Cassidy (Edward Little)|84Jacob Dubuc (Edward Little)|106Aaron Perkins (Edward Little)|88Ryan Raby (Edward Little)|81Deryk Belanger (Edward Little)|889|Camden Hills|342Lewis Laurita (Camden Hills)|100Conor O'Dwyer (Camden Hills)|89Connor Russell (Camden Hills)|84Cole Anderson (Camden Hills)|76Braden Fisher (Camden Hills)|9310|Messalonskee|351Jacob Bouchard (Messalonskee)|94Parker Poulin (Messalonskee)|111Conor Ferguson (Messalonskee)|89Blake Marden (Messalonskee)|86Jacob Bernatchez (Messalonskee)|8211|Lewiston|372Evan Cox (Lewiston)|109Jayden Wilson (Lewiston)|104Joe Bisson (Lewiston)|103Stephanie Rodrigue (Lewiston)|83Alex Robert (Lewiston)|822016 High School Team ChampionshipNatanis Golf Course - Tomahawk10/08/2016CLASS B[i:3mw1y19i]Rank[/i:3mw1y19i]1|Erskine|317Justin Browne (Erskine)|80Brandon Keezer (Erskine)|102Robert Harmon (Erskine)|80Connor Paine (Erskine)|80Aaron Pion (Erskine)|772|Cape Elizabeth|325Max Altznauer (Cape Elizabeth)|85Ryan Collins (Cape Elizabeth)|86Lauren Schonewolf (Cape Elizabeth)|79Casey Cloutier (Cape Elizabeth)|85Austin Legge (Cape Elizabeth)|763|Old Town|331Alex Blackie (Old Town)|82Dillon Leland (Old Town)|87Chris Kauppila (Old Town)|84Cole Daniel (Old Town)|83Wes Kauppila (Old Town)|824|Yarmouth|333Tommy Fallon (Yarmouth)|91Joe Coyne (Yarmouth)|83Nate Dealaman (Yarmouth)|85Mac Leahy (Yarmouth)|86Ethan Haag (Yarmouth)|795|MCI|347Anna Smith (MCI)|93Avery Gosselin (MCI)|103Seth Mason (MCI)|126Eric Dugas (MCI)|74Carter Pearl (MCI)|77T6|Lake Region|359Luke Neal (Lake Region)|100Bobby Caron (Lake Region)|105Cutter Meeker (Lake Region)|93Tyler Walker (Lake Region)|77Ryan Walker (Lake Region)|89T6|MDI|359Aaron Snurkowski (MDI)|94Nick Stanley (MDI)|111Kyle Nicholson (MDI)|91Riley Swanson (MDI)|83Seth Clark (MDI)|918|Fryeburg|365Chris Berquist (Fryeburg)|96Keegan Jones (Fryeburg)|95Damian Eldridge (Fryeburg)|116Tyler Worcester (Fryeburg)|89Addison Schwartz (Fryeburg)|859|Gardiner|366Devon Maschino (Gardiner)|96Charles Stevens (Gardiner)|103Sam Jermyn (Gardiner)|94Cody Rizzo (Gardiner)|86Cam Bourassa (Gardiner)|9010|Waterville|380Brock Jolicoeur (Waterville)|117John Violette (Waterville)|101Alex Maheux (Waterville)|102Cody Pellerin (Waterville)|90David Barre (Waterville)|8711|Hermon|381Nate Allain (Hermon)|95Matt Sforza (Hermon)|91Mark Mailloux (Hermon)|95Kent Johnson Jr. (Hermon)|104Pete Dunphy (Hermon)|1002016 High School Team ChampionshipNatanis Golf Course - Arrowhead10/08/2016CLASS C[i:3mw1y19i]Rank[/i:3mw1y19i]1|Mattanawcook|311Conor McLaughlin (Mattanawcook)|83Duncan McIntyre (Mattanawcook)|108Jeff Garfield (Mattanawcook)|86Logan Thompson (Mattanawcook)|68Max Woodman (Mattanawcook)|742|St. Doms|329Benjamin Gosselin (St. Doms)|96Janelle Bryant (St. Doms)|85Markella Gammaitoni (St. Doms)|81Justin Keany (St. Doms)|82Antonio Parisi (St. Doms)|813|Winthrop|347Zach Pray (Winthrop)|119Zac Robertson (Winthrop)|81Ben Thomas (Winthrop)|93Charlie de Hass (Winthrop)|85Brogan Plossay (Winthrop)|884|Dirigo|350Chandler Redmond (Dirigo)|101Greta Friburger (Dirigo)|101Mason Corriveau (Dirigo)|84Jacob Gaudin (Dirigo)|76Mike Kersey (Dirigo)|895|Houlton|358Duncan McCormick (Houlton)|90Isaac Vega (Houlton)|109Nick Brewer (Houlton)|90Drew Marino (Houlton)|87Wyatt Harvey (Houlton)|916|George Stevens|362Stefan Simmons (George Stevens)|102Jackson Billings (George Stevens)|104Tyler McKinney (George Stevens)|98Percy Zentz (George Stevens)|79Jarrod Chase (George Stevens)|837|Greenville|390Caleb Snell (Greenville)|104Noah Bilodeau (Greenville)|99Nick Foley (Greenville)|97Connor Diangelo (Greenville)|90Keegan Cannell (Greenville)|1078|Forest Hills|400Quentin Rodriguez (Forest Hills)|104Caleb Lacasse (Forest Hills)|120Elise McKendry (Forest Hills)|102Carson Veilleux (Forest Hills)|97Javier Padilla (Forest Hills)|979|Hogdon|426Justin Wilson (Hogdon)|101Bryon Barton (Hogdon)|132Ben Tuttle (Hogdon)|81Andrew Tuttle (Hogdon)|11210|Central Aroostook|447Isabelle Wright (Central Aroostook)|122Taia Tilly (Central Aroostook)|129Ted Wheeler (Central Aroostook)|118Shane Stackpole (Central Aroostook)|99Tyson Cyr (Central Aroostook)|10811|Machias|498Jackson Saumur (Machias)|131Blake Barabee (Machias)|140Evan Dray (Machias)|115Jacob Sinford (Machias)|112
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Gorham, Erskine, Mattanawcook win titlesGorham wins Class A on a tiebreaker over Mt. Ararat, while Erskine Academy prevails in Class B and Mattanawcook Academy repeats in Class C.... “It’s unbelievable,” Bailey said. “We’ve finished fifth, sixth and seventh the last three years, and just to get into that top spot, it’s like a dream come true.”Gorham had five players shoot 82 or better and needed each one to clip Mt. Ararat in a tiebreaker for the Class A title.Both teams finished with a score of 317, so the championship was decided by each team’s fifth-best score, and Cam Stevens carded an 82 for Gorham.Falmouth (322), Scarborough (323) and Greely (327) finished close behind the top two teams.http://www.pressherald.com/2016/10/08/h ... in-titles/
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St. Dom's runner-up to Mattanawcook again, Gorham and Erskine also capture titles... It's the second straight year St. Dom's finished as runner-up to the Lynx. The Saints went undefeated during the Western Maine Conference regular season schedule."You put up a score like that, it's very hard to beat," Lacombe said. "It's hard for another team to overcome. Hats off to them, it's great scoring, with the two lowest (scorers) in all of the classes."The Saints' four scorers were consistent: Markella Gammaitoni and Antonio Parisi each shot an 81, Justin Keany fired an 82 and Janelle Bryant shot an 85.http://www.sunjournal.com/news/local-sp ... es/2007157
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Mattanawcook, Erskine, Gorham win state team golf titles The team high school golf season came to a conclusion on Saturday with state championship matches at Natanis Golf Course in Vassalboro.http://bangordailynews.com/2016/10/09/s ... te-titles/
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South Portland golf wins Sportsmanship Awardhttp://www.theforecaster.net/south-port ... hip-award/