Posted by: glenncarey on Wed May 14th, 2008 2:54 pm
Due to one team not being able to meet its financial obligation, they have been removed, and the result is a change in the schedule for the remainder of the season. I tried my very best to keep as much of it the same as possible....4/194:00 John Bapst v Lawrence5:40 Bears v Moose7:20 Mesalonskee v Rink Rats4/204:20 Bears v Lawrence6:00 Rink Rats v John Bapst7:40 Moose v Mesalonskee5/35:00 Houlton/Hodgton v Moose6:40 Lawrence v Rink Rats8:20 John Bapst v Houlton/Hodgton5/411:50 Bears v Houlton/Hodgton1:30 Mesalonskee v Houlton/Hodgton5/1111:50 Lawrence v John Bapst1:30 Bears v Rink Rats5/175:00 John Bapst v Rink Rats6:40 Bears v John Bapst8:20 Moose v Lawrence5/18NO GAMES5/245:00 Rink Rats v Bears6:40 Lawrence v Moose8:20 Moose v Rink Rats5/2511:50 Bears v Lawrence1:30 John Bapst v Bears5/315:10 Houlton/Hodgton v Lawrence6:50 Moose v John Bapst8:30 John Bapst v Houlton/Hodgton6/111:50 Bears v Houlton/Hodgton1:30 Houlton/Hodgton v Rink Rats6/7PLAYOFFS5:00 GAME A 6th v 3rd 6:40 GAME B 5th v 4th 8:20 NO GAME6/8PLAYOFFS11:50 GAME C- Win Game A v 2ND1:30 GAME D- Winner Game B vs 1STTBD FINALS- Win Game C v Win Game D
Posted by: glenncarey on Mon May 19th, 2008 6:19 pm
One change had to be made to the schedule since it was released last week:5/245:00 Rink Rats v [u:3kuop1ms]MOOSE[/u:3kuop1ms]6:40 Lawrence v Moose8:20 [u:3kuop1ms]BEARS[/u:3kuop1ms] v Rink RatsPlease let everyone know.