Canoeing in Maine: York River paddle is a visual treat

Posted by: MBR on Sun Aug 16th, 2015 6:53 am
Canoeing in Maine: York River paddle is a visual treatThe 6-mile stretch is most convenient if you head inland with the tide, and then back out as it recedes.addle in the wake of history and discover some surprising summer solitude in the midst of a popular tourist destination: York Harbor. We recently spent six hours paddling up the York River from the town boat launch on Route 103 to within a half-mile of Birch Hill Road and then back. You will want to explore within three hours either side of high tide. If you plan perfectly you can paddle with the tide going up, and then flow with the ebb back to York Harbor.The birding is superb. Many kingfishers flitted from tree to tree and constantly dove into the water for fish. Spotted sandpipers scoured the shoreline for food. Families of geese dabbled in the mud. A mother and eight ducklings scurried into reeds ahead of us. Osprey calls echoed from shore to shore. An immature eagle watched us pass from an oak branch leaning out over the river. ... ual-treat/Portland Press Herald - allows 10 free reads per month for non-subscribers.