Canoeing : From Pittsfield to Hartland, a wonderful day on t

Posted by: MBR on Sun Jun 14th, 2015 8:07 am
Canoeing in Maine: From Pittsfield to Hartland, a wonderful day on the waterThere are sights galore to make the journey an enjoyable experience.ack within a mile of our start at Pinnacle Park in Pittsfield, we glanced down to our right and just about fell out of the canoe. Twelve tiny gray fluffballs were riding the crests of the small waves beside our canoe. Where was mom? Suddenly a female red-breasted merganser appeared up out of the depths looking for her brood, all the while quacking and calling to get our attention away from her ducklings. The raft of babies paddled to shore, scurried across a narrow peninsula of grass, plopped back into the water and furiously paddled out to the security of mom. All was well.Then two loons appeared on our left, calling, yipping and diving yards away. What a way to end five hours of exploring up the Sebasticook River to the town of Hartland and back under a glorious hazy blue summer sky. ... the-water/Portland Press Herald - allows 10 free reads per month for non-subscribers.