Ali-Liston: The "phantom punch" turns 52

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I know you're all busy with things that matter more. I will always understand that sports, while a passion for many, is still ... (cont.)
...secondary in the grand scheme. But @oaksie72 and I,with assists from others, have been having fun and going nuts at same time over (cont)...this amazing project for the past little while. When this debuts Sunday, we'd really appreciate if you all gave it a good read...(cont)...(4/4) We promise, you won't be disappointed. #phantompunchat50 #aliliston #MuhammadAli #boxing #mesports #history
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The Phantom Punch at 50: Commemorative issue to mark anniversary of Ali-Liston IILEWISTON — The city of Lewiston wasn't the original destination for the second meeting between Muhammad Ali (then known to many as Cassius Clay) and Sonny Liston, but as Paul Marcotte of the Lewiston Evening Journal wrote in a stop-the-presses, breaking news story on May 7, 1965, Lewiston would become "the fight capitol (sic) for the Clay-Liston heavyweight championship bout on May 25."Eighteen tumultuous days later, the city and its Central Maine Youth Center, now the Androscoggin Bank Colisee, were etched into sports lore.Fifty years later, the fight, won by Ali after what many have dubbed his "phantom punch," is still a hot topic of conversation in boxing circles, and certainly among those in the Twin Cities of Lewiston and Auburn — and the surrounding towns and cities — who recall firsthand what happened. ... ii/1706216Sun Journal - allows 10 free reads per month for non-subscribers.
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[img:3jlszfla][/img:3jlszfla] [size=120:3jlszfla]Clay stops Liston in one minute of first round[/size:3jlszfla] Clay Retains Heavyweight Title in Lewiston ArenaLewiston lived up to its reputation as a fast-knockout town last night at the Youth Center when heavyweight champion Cassius M. A. Clay put away Charles (Sonny) Liston in a minute of the first round. Ring record books list Lewiston City Hall as the site of the fastest knockout in the prize ring, a Lewiston-Auburn fighter also was involved in one of the quickest knockouts ever recorded, and Tuesday’s episode was understood to be the shortest in the history of heavy championship bouts. ... nd/1705580Sun Journal - allows 10 free reads per month for non-subscribers.
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[size=120:2wv0bk99]SUN JOURNAL EXCLUSIVE: Never-before-seen photos from Ali, Liston training camps[/size:2wv0bk99]LEWISTON — One of the defining moments of this project came late in the process, when Sun Journal Chief Photographer Russ Dillingham unearthed four tan, tattered, vertical envelopes, each with a typewritten date and description near the top crease.These never-before-printed photos from the recently uncovered negatives offer a rare glimpse into what training was like for Ali — in Chicopee, Mass. — and Liston — at the Poland Spring Inn. ... ps/1704328Sun Journal - allows 10 free reads per month for non-subscribers.
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[size=120:234fk4c9]'That was a very, very disappointing performance. That little flick, a phantom punch. Bah!'[/size:234fk4c9]“The event itself was kind of a disaster, but the two weeks leading up to it was probably the most amazing two weeks of my life.”The second fight between two iconic heavyweights again ended in controversy, as Ali leveled Liston with what has become known as the ‘Phantom Punch.’Former Lewiston Evening Journal Sports Editor Fred Gage called the fight for WLAM and describes how the controversy lasted longer than the fight. ... ah/1705251Sun Journal - allows 10 free reads per month for non-subscribers.