Cony’s Guadalupi named KJ girls runner of the year

Posted by: MBR on Wed Dec 3rd, 2014 7:38 am
Cony’s Guadalupi named KJ girls runner of the yearThe Rams sophomore routinely pushed herself to the limit on the cross country course this fall.AUGUSTA — The best athletes are never satisfied with just being good. The goal for runners like Cony High School sophomore Anne Guadalupi is always to be better. “I just love the pain that goes with it because it makes me feel like I know I’m going to get better,” Guadalupi said. “I also like just running, just the sport in general so it kind of makes it easier for me to run hard knowing I’m trying my best at practice. “It kind of has a satisfying feeling to it when you’re done with a practice. The pain itself doesn’t feel good but after the practice you feel great.”...Read more: ... -the-year/NOTE: Central Maine (KJ + Sentinel ) - allows 10 free reads per month for non-subscribers.