15th Annual MBR All Star Weekend:

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When will the rosters for each class be posted?
Posted by: MBR on Sun Nov 1st, 2015 6:54 am
When will the rosters for each class be posted?
We understand everyone is getting fired up for the season and want to see rosters. The event is close to 100% full and it will be a great weekend. We always wait to post rosters. We try to not pull away from the attention of other fall sports. Especially for players on MBR ASW rosters going deep into the playoffs ..There are always last minute adjustments due to playoffs or injury .. We then will invite the next player on the invite list.ThanksTom
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Rosters will be released soon Congrats to Tanya and Jon Gilson on the exciting news on the birth of their 1st child.
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This weekend is about the players who play the game , recognizing players who have worked hard to this point and a fun way to kick of the 2015-16 season ... Some players are unable to attend for different reasons and we should respect all players and parents decisions.. We always encourage positive promotion of players on the rosters or not . We encourage you to send photos from the event, video, etc .. email tom@mbr.org if lots of files use dropbox ... thx ..Have fun and enjoy the 15th edition of the MBR ASW
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Rosters as of 11.10.15GIRLS[size=120:3gxpm80z]AA North [/size:3gxpm80z] Edward Little Emily Jacques 2016 6'1"Lewiston Kristina Blais 2016 5'3Edward Little Karli Stubbs 2016 5'9Lewiston Skylar Gaudette 2017 5'6Oxford Hills Erin Morton 2017 5'4Oxford Hills Erin Eastman 2017 5'4Oxford Hills Sophia Hanscom 2017 5'10Lewiston Morgan Eliasen 2017 5'11[size=120:3gxpm80z]AA South [/size:3gxpm80z] Thornton Academy Ashley Howe 2016 5'10"McAuley Jess Willerson 2016 6'3South Portland Madeline Hasson 2016 5'11Thornton Academy Bella Robinson 2017 5'7Cheverus Abby Cavallaro 2018 5'5South Portland Meghan Graff 2018 5'6Cheverus Grace Soucy 2018 5'4 Scarborough Sophie Glidden 2018 5'9McAuley Sarah Clement 2016 5'7 McAuley Eva Mazur 2018 5'10[size=120:3gxpm80z]A North [/size:3gxpm80z] Mt. Blue Caitlin Kane 2016 5'9Lawrence Dominique Lewis 2016 5'5Lawrence Nia Irving 2016 6'1Gardiner Lauren Chadwick 2017 5'6 Messalonskee Allie Turner 2018 5'10Mt. Blue Eryn Doiron 2016 5'6Nokomis Sidney Moore 2017 5'7Camden Hills Charlotte Messer 2017 5'6Camden Hills Madelyn Bowman 2016 5'4 [size=120:3gxpm80z]A South [/size:3gxpm80z] Brunswick Madeline Suhr 2017 5'11York Chloe Smedley 2016 5'10York Reilly Smedley 2017 5.9Westbrook Alisha R. Aube 2017 5'10Morse High School Signe Ostergaard 2016 5.7Leavitt Chantel Eells 2016 5'11Mt. Ararat Lauren Sturgess 2018 5'5Brunswick Charlotte MacMillan 2018 5'7Mt. Ararat Taylor Wienckowski 2018 5'2Leavitt Sophie Gilbert 2018 5'7[size=120:3gxpm80z]B North [/size:3gxpm80z] John Bapst Hannah Philippon 2016 5'11Winslow Ciara LeClair 2017 5'7Mattanawcook Academy Courtney Gordon 2017 5'4Mattanawcook Academy Cheyanne Libby 2016 5'7Houlton Natalie Hill 2017 5'6Houlton Aspen Flewelling 2018 5'10Orono Hannah Clement 2016 5'4MCI April McAlpine 2018 5'5Central Sydney Allen 2018 5'5Ellsworth Kate Whitney 2016 5'7Hermon Maddie Pullen 2018 5'9Presque Isle Emily Wheaton 2018 5'4[size=120:3gxpm80z]B South [/size:3gxpm80z] Lake Region Spencer True 2016 5'3Lake Region Kristen Huntress 2017 5'5Gray-New Gloucester Alicia Dumont 2017 5'6Lincoln Academy Brianna Genthner 2017 5'10Spruce Moutain Emily Hogan 2016 5'5Spruce Moutain Alex Bessey 2017 5'6Yarmouth Jessica Kirk 2018 5'5Poland Nathalie Theriault 2018 5'7Lake Region Chandler True 2018 5'7Poland Morgan Brousseau 2018 5'8Lincoln Academy Samantha Burke 2016 6'2[size=120:3gxpm80z]C North [/size:3gxpm80z] Dexter Megan Peach 2017 6'1Narraguagus Kelli Kennedy 2016 5'11Fort Fairfield Taylor Churchill 2016 5'5"Fort Fairfield Chelsey Pelkey 2016 5'6Stearns Emma Alley 2017 5'4Schenck Kayla Falone 2016 5'8Schenck Chantel Lane 2016 5'4Stearns Mackenzie Carter 2017 5'9Calais Logan Hutkins 2016 5'5Narraguagus Cassidy Osgood 2016 [size=120:3gxpm80z]C South [/size:3gxpm80z] Boothbay Hannah Morley 2016 5'7Boothbay Kate Friant 2017 5'7Dirigo Emma Lueders 2016 5'4Waynflete Lydia Giguere 2018 5.9Buckfield Alyssa Therriault 2016 5'3Searsport Anna Bucklin 2016 5'5Searsport' Melinda Ogden 2016 5'8Boothbay Page Brown 2018 5'11Madison Madeline Wood 2017 5'4Carrabec Mickayla Willette 2016 5'6[size=120:3gxpm80z]D North[/size:3gxpm80z] Machias Tate Dolley 2016 6East Grand Haleigh Shay 2018 5'4Deer Isle Stonington Allyson Eaton 2016 5'8Hebron Academy Madeline New 2018 5'6Hebron Academy Reily New 2019 5'7East Grand Sarah Stoddard 2017 5'10Katahdin Kaycee Cintron 2016 5'4Central Aroostook Molly Anthony 2016 Central Aroostook Karli Levesque 2016 [size=120:3gxpm80z]D South [/size:3gxpm80z] Pine Tree Academy Alex Goodman 2018 5'9Pine Tree Academy Adriana DePalma 2019 5'2Forest Hills Linda Riley 2016 5'8Islesboro Kayla Pendleton 2016 5'10Rangeley Natasha Haley 2018 5'8Valley Jordan Belanger 2016 Vinalhaven Andrea Shane 2016 Temple Isabel Foshay 2016 Vinalhaven Gilleyanne Davis-Oakes 2016 5'10[size=120:3gxpm80z]Futures North [/size:3gxpm80z] Lawrence Kassandra Lewis 2019 5'6Central Rachel Smith 2019 5'5Biddeford Grace Martin 2019 5'11Boothbay Faith Blethen 2019 6'1Oxford Hills Jadah Adams 2019 5'10MCI Christa Carr 2019 5'11Winslow Paige Trask 2019 5'8Edward Little Jade Perry 2019 5'9Cony Lauren Murray 2019 5'5Mcauley Catherine Reid 2019 5'3Winslow Weslee Littlefield 2019 5'6[size=120:3gxpm80z]Futures South [/size:3gxpm80z] Windham Meghan Hoffses 2019 5'4Westbrook Julia Martel 2019 5'5Falmouth Natalie Birkel 2019 5'9South Portland Katie Whitmore 2019 Windham Tara Flanders 2019 5'8GNG Brianna Jordan 2019 5'11Deering Delaney Haines 2019 5'7Bonney Eagle Mackenzie Emery 2019 5'3South Portland Isabela Cloutier 2019 5'5Massabesic McKenzy Ouellette 2019 5'4Westbrook Avery Tucker 2019 5'8
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BOYS[size=120:30y9nf8t]AA North [/size:30y9nf8t]Oxford Chris St. Pierre 2018 6'1Oxford Hills Andrew Fleming 2016 6'6Oxford Matthew Fleming 2019 6'2Deering Connor Buckley 2018 6Edward Little Tyler Morin 2018 5'6Edward Little Austin Cox 2016 6'1Cheverus Jack Casale 2017 6'3Edward Little CJ Jipson 2017 5'10Cheverus Andrew Roberts 2016 6'3Cheverus Luca Napolitano 2016 5'9[size=120:30y9nf8t]AA South [/size:30y9nf8t] Massabesic Tyus Sprague-Ripley 2016 6'5South Portland Jack Fiorini 2016 6'5Gorham Billy Ruby 2016 5'10Bangor Justin Smith 2016 6'2Bangor Ethan Dorman 2016 5'10Massabesic Dan Amabile 2016 5'11Thornton Academy Austin Robinson 2017 5'10Deering Trejyn Fletcher 2017 5'10Gorham Andrew Brown 2017 5'9[size=120:30y9nf8t]A North[/size:30y9nf8t] Hampden Academy Jake Black 2016 6'3Hampden Academy Brendan McIntyre 2016 6'3Hampden Academy Conary Moore 2016 6'3Mt. Blue Zackary Mittelstadt 2017 6'4 Medomak Cam Allaire 2017 5'9Medomak Nicholas DePatsy 2016 6'3Hampden Ian McIntye 2018 6'5Oceanside Michael Norton 2018 5'10Lawrence Mason Cooper 2016 5'9[size=120:30y9nf8t]A South [/size:30y9nf8t] Marshwood Ryan O'Neil 2016 5'9Greely Jordan Bagshaw 2017 6Greely Tim Keith 2016 5'11Morse Keegan McDonough 2016 6'2Greely Matt McDevitt 2017 6'6Greely Ben Williams 2017 6'4Yarmouth Alek Medenica 2017 6'7Yarmouth Nolan Hagerty 2018 6'5Westbrook Zac Manoogian 2018 5'11Bonney Eagle Will Myrick 2017 5'10[size=120:30y9nf8t]B North[/size:30y9nf8t] Caribou Donovan Savage 2016 5'8Ellsworth Bryce Harmon 2017 5'11MDI Riley Swanson 2017 6'1Ellsworth Nicholas Bagley 2016 6'1Orono Nate Desisto 2017 6'2Orono Keenan Collett 2017 6'4MDI Aaron Snukowski 2017 5'9Caribou Nick Allen 2018 6'1Hermon Jordan Bishop 2018 6'1Houlton Cam Cleary 2018 6'4[size=120:30y9nf8t]B South [/size:30y9nf8t] Lake Region Marcus Devoe 2016 6'2Oceanside Keenan Hendricks 2016 6'1Central Kyle Ham 2016 6'1Freeport Connor Dostie 2016 6'2Lincoln Academy Cody Tozier 2017 6'4Lincoln Academy Cole Leeman 2017 6'1Lake Region Brandon Palmer 2016 6Spruce Mountain Caulin Parker 2017 6'2Lisbon Noah Carter 2016 5'8Lisbon Tyrese Joseph 2017 6'1[size=120:30y9nf8t]C North [/size:30y9nf8t] Bucksport Riley Macleod 2016 6'5Penquis Noah Allen 2016 6'2Dexter Otis Robinson 2016 5'10Schenck Justin Thompson 2017 6'2Hodgdon Blake Woods 2016 6'2Hodgdon Jimmy Buzzell 2016 6George Stevens Max Mattson 2018 6'5George Stevens Taylor Schildroth 2018 5'11Fort Fairfield Isaac Cyr 2018 6Bucksport Chase Carmichael 2018 5'11[size=120:30y9nf8t]C South [/size:30y9nf8t] Dirigo Riley Robinson 2016 6'3Wiscasset Brandon Sprague 2016 6'1Telstar Brandon Dougherty 2017 5'9Searsport Troy Reynolds 2016 5'11Winthrop Anthony Owens 2016 6'5North Yarmouth Academy Haven Cutko 2017 6'1OOB Zach Hirst 2016 6Richmond Zach Small 2017 5'9Winthrop Jacob Hickey 2017 6OOB Erik Hogan 2016 5'6Richmond Matt Holt 2017 6[size=120:30y9nf8t]D North [/size:30y9nf8t] Easton Logan Halvorson 2016 5'8Southern Aroostook Nolan Altvater 2017 6'2Easton Jacob Flewelling 2017 5'10Washburn Jarrett Olson 2016 6'3Washburn Noah Caron 2016 5'9Machias Jacob Godfrey 2018 6'6Washburn McCall Turner 2016 6'3Machias Jordan Grant 2016 5'11Machias James Mersereau 2016 6'3 Austin Findlen 2019 5'8[size=120:30y9nf8t]D South [/size:30y9nf8t] Islesboro Forrest Boucher 2017 6Valley Cody Laweryson 2016 6'1Valley Collin Miller 2016 6'1Greenville Nick Foley 2016 5'10Forest Hills Aaron Moffitt 2017 5'10Vinalhaven Ethan Anthony 2016 5'10Vinalhaven Doug Day 2016 5'9Forest Hills Dawson Daigle 2017 5'10Valley Luke Malloy 2016 5'9Vinalhaven Lewis Cray 2016 5'8Islesboro Avery Grindle 2017 6[size=120:30y9nf8t]Futures North [/size:30y9nf8t] Bangor Jason Smith 2019 5'10Hampden Ross Webb 2019 5'7Hampden Corey Winch 2019 5'10Brewer Damien Vance 2019 5'8Oceanside Jack Lombardo 2019 5'8Oceanside Cooper Wirkula 2019 6'2Presque Isle Jonah Hudson 2019 5'9Oxford Spencer Strong 2019 5'8Oxford Colton Carson 2019 6'2Houlton Nolan Porter 2019 5'10Hampden Bryce Lausier 2020 5'7Hampden Marc Hutchins 2019 6'2[size=120:30y9nf8t]Futures South [/size:30y9nf8t] Greely Logan Bagshaw 2020 5'7Sanford Mat Romano 2019 6'0Yarmouth Mikey Coppersmith 2019 6'2Yarmouth Jonny Torres 2019 5'9Falmouth Sam Manganello 2019 6Bonney Eagle William Hendrix 2019 6'4Yarmouth Finn Scott 2019 5'10Greely Zach Brown 2019 6 S. Portland Tyree Bitjoka 2019 5'7S. Portland David Fiorini 2019 5'6Erskine Gavin Blanchard 2019 6
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for those who like to look back to rosters from early years .. 2001-2006 ( link is part of older mbr forum board pre may 2008)http://mainebasketballreport.yuku.com/t ... kOVBvmrTIUWe'll compile files from other years as that's a lot of fun Maine history. Nov 2001 at Brunswick HS was our 1st year. Feel free to reminisce or pop up photos or video from years past ..
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Previous ASW rosters: MBR All Star Weekend 2013 A Alex Campbell BangorA Hunter Boyce BangorA Brendan Newcomb BrewerA Matthew Martin Hampden AcademyA Nick Mayo MessalonskeeA Zach Gilpin Hampden AcademyA Andrew Fleming Oxford HillsA Matt Murray ConyA Jordon Holmes Messalonskee A Luke Davidson Oxford HillsA Ailk Espling Bangora Isaiah Bess hampdenA Quinn Richardson-Newton Thornton AcademyA Evyn Nolette SanfordA JACKSON SIMONDS FalmouthA Andrew Middleton Edward LittleA Austin Sandler KennebunkA Llewellyn Jensen Edward LittleA Isaiah Stone-Patterson OceansideA Cale Thornton MassabesicA Noah Gerry MassabesicA Kaleb Main Edward LittleB Trevor Lovely WinslowB Justin Martin WinslowB Andrew Cartwright NokomisB Colby Kohn John BapstB David Gould OceansideB Keenan Hendricks OceansideB Jonathan Phelps Mount Desert IslandB Eric Hoogterp OldTownb Bruce St. Peter EllsworthB Sam Brown John BapstB Michael McDevitt GreelyB Austin Anderson LeavittB CJ Martin PolandB Spencer Harriman GNGB Brandon Thibeault GNGB Sam Smith Lake RegionB Nathan Smith Lake RegionB Jarrod Leonardi OceansideB Tyler Beaton HermonB Nick Depatsy MedomakC Nick Guiod HoultonC Kyle Bouchard HoultonC Fred MacLean Washington Acad.C Austin Seavey Washington Acad.C Riley Macleod BucksportC John Batson NarraguagusC Trevor Lyford (Cptn.) PenquisC Kyle Johnson CalaisC Troy Dunphy CarrabecC Gage Feeney Washington Acad.c Riley Robinson DirigoC Travis Padilla WiscassetC Matt Dyer St. DominicC John Hepburn BoothbayC Dylan Kidder DirigoC Brian Allen Hall-DaleC Tucker Brannon LisbonC Kendall Roy LisbonC Johnny Yim LisbonD Cole Beal Jonesport-BealsD Leon Smith Jonesport-BealsD Noah Caron WashburnD Wyatt Morse KatahdinD Toby Tomah Woodland D Chris R. Hudson HodgdonD Jake Rioux Van BurenD Seth Brown StearnsD Marc Morneault StearnsD Everett Bivighouse KatahdinD Damon Lincoln Woodland D Brandon Ouellette Forest HillsD Howard Stone GreenvilleD Matthew DiAngelo GreenvilleD Warsame Mohamed HydeD Jonah Williams BuckfieldD Yi-Kang Tung-Fang LeeD Jen-Jie Chen LeeD Lu Wang LeeD Howard Stone GreenvilleD Sean Bernier RichmondD Devon Gillespie ValleyD Alik Espling OronoD Avery Waterman North HavenD Jacob Powell SearsportB Matt McDevit GreelyB Jordan Bagshaw GreelyB Tyler Walker Lake RegionA Zack Mittelstadt Mt BlueC Keenan Collet OronoA Caleb Cost BrunswickA Josh Dorr BrunswickD Nolan Altvater Southern AroostoockB Aaron Snurkowski MDIB Bryce Harmon EllsworthC Nate Desisto OronoB Emmett Shell Mt ViewC Cameron Cleary HoultonD Justin Thompson Schenck Jacob Worthly Island Falls Ryan Hoogterp Old Town Nate Raye Camden Carter Ward Mattawancook Academy Jordan Hanscom Mattawancook Academy Cameron Graham Houlton MBR All Star Weekend 2012 Matthew Martin Hampden Academy Hunter Boyce Bangor Alex Campbell Bangor Steven Patrie Lewiston Nick Mayo Messalonskee Nick Noiles Lawrence Josh Thomas Lewiston Brendan Newcomb Brewer Donne Agossou Lewiston Chris Doyen Lawrence Brian Fickett Hampden Academy Matt Palmer Hampden Academy Thomas McGown Windham Thiwat Thiwat Deering Labson Abwoch Deering Matt Talbot Portland Ryan Camire Sanford Evyn Nolette Sanford Kodiak Simpson Cheverus Ben Burkey South Portland Adam Ek Thornton Academy Jack Tolan South Portland Ben Walls MDI Garrett Libby Old Town Andrew Cartwright Nokomis William Cartwright Nokomis Gage Feeney Washington Acad. Connor Hart Camden Adam Gray MDI Ryan Rice Belfast Colby Kohn John Bapst Steven Davis Mt. View Jonah Stephenson Jacob Schoppee Washington Acad. Bright Amoako Fryeburg Chris Robicheaw Cape Elizabeth CJ Martin Poland Austin Anderson Leavitt Mike Triglione Lake Region Jake Moody Wells Andrew Middleton Leavitt Jackson Simonds Falmouth Brandon Thibeault GNG Spencer Harriman GNG Michael McDevitt Greely Trevor Lovely Winslow Anthony DiMauro Boothbay Travis Frost Dirigo Hunter Ross Dirigo Zach Plummer Hall-Dale Sam Sheperd Hall-Dale Kendall Roy Lisbon Johnny Yim Lisbon Austin Kane Madison Serge Nyirikamba Waynflete Travis Padilla Wiscasset Nicholas Guiod Houlton Riley Whitney Stearns Seth Brown Stearns Marc Morneault Stearns Kyle McVey Stearns Devin Hall Calais Tylor Martin Sumner Daniel Swallow Houlton Kyle Bouchard Houlton Derick Ouellette Forest Hills Matthew DiAngelo Greenville Brandon Ouellette Forest Hills Evan Worster Forest Hills Henry Hersey Greenville Tristan Richards Greenville Howard Stone Greenville Trevor Richards Greenville Vinal Crowley Jonesport-Beals Garet Beal Jonesport-Beals Cole Beal Jonesport-Beals Colton Bivighouse Katahdin Mitchell Worcester Washburn Wyatt Morse Katahdin Michael Sprague Wiscassett Christian Zachary Sukeforth Wiscassett Christian Brandon Sprague Wiscassett Christian Steven Decker Central Aroostook Sam Grindle DIS JT Nutting Lawrence Brendan McIntyre Hampden Conar Moore Hampden Nick DePatsy Medomak Bruce St. Peter Ellsworth Riley MacLeod Bucksport Tyler Beaton Hermon Thomas Hanson Brunswick Jordan Williams Lake Region Riley Robinson Dirigo Moose Mubrack Yarmouth Nick Wandishin Lake Region Colby Bate NYA Jack Lesure Lake Region Nathan Smith Lake Region Amir Moss Portland
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MBR All Star Weekend 2013 Nia Irving LawrenceMorgan Buker SkowheganEmily Quirion ConyTianna Harriman Edward Little Anna Winslow Oxford HillsKelsey Mayo MessalonskeeEmily Jacques Edward Little Caitlin LaFountain Mt. Ararat Caitlin Kane Mt. BlueMiranda Nicely Mt. BlueHayley Quirion ConyMikayla Morin Oxford HillsDominique Lewis LawrenceNia Irving LawrenceCordelia Stewart BangorMaddy Bailey BrewerEraleena E. Hairston Edward LittleKassaundra Michaud (Cptn.) Messalonskee Karli Stubbs Edward Little Allie Clement McAuleyVictoria Lux McAuleyALLY HICKEY FalmouthMegan McLean MarshwoodAshley Briggs ScarboroughGeorgia Ford CheverusBrianne Maloney (Cptn.) South PortlandDominique Lewis LawrrenceJess Willerson CheverusKatie McCrum Thornton AcademyAshley Howe Thornton AcademySadie Nelson Windham Hannah J. Graham Presque IsleShelby Caron HermonBrianna Skolfield FoxcroftKrystal R. Kingsbury Presque IsleMackenzie Coiley FoxcroftLily Vachon OceansideSarah Phelps Mount Desert IslandAlly Day GardinerHannah Philippon John BapstKailee Duntin HermonJordan Turner Lake RegionSarah Hancock Lake RegionEmily Bolduc PolandCece Hancock Lake RegionMontana Braxton Cape Elizabeth Michaella Arsenault PolandEmily Keene Spruce MountainSadie M. Goulet Oak HillChloe Smedley YorkAshley Storey Greely Abigail Nielsen YarmouthMadison McVicar CalaisKelli Kennedy NarraguagusAlex Speed PiscataquisKatie Condon HoultonCheyanne Libby Mattanawcook AcademyAnna Ramsay NarraguagusTasha Pratt DexterHannah Clement OronoPaige Gillespie CalaisKelly Pomerleau St. DominicChristine Miller MaranacookHannah Morley BoothbayAllison Crockett Hall-DaleJessica Conant DirigoFaith Grady St. DominicShelby Cutten MessalonskiKate Friant BoothbayMorgan Thompson SchenckSable Altvater Southern AroostookJessica Tucker Southern AroostookChelsey Pelkey LimestoneRylee Warman Greater Houlton Christian AcademyKate Whitney MachiasTate Dolley MachiasGabby Therriault Buckfield Taylor Esty RangeleyTori Letarte RangeleyAnna Bucklin SearsportMelinda Ogden SearsportAnna Carrier (Cptn.) Forest HillsDana McNally (Cptn.) Forest HillsAutumn Johnson (Cptn.) IslesboroAlyssa Therriault BuckfieldTamica McNally BuckfieldBree Grant SearsportEmily Esposito GorhamLish Aube WestbrookDanasia Fennie WestbrookBrie Wajer Lincoln AcademyLydia Henderson South PortlandAlaina Birkel FalmouthMolly Chapin GreelyKristen Huntress Lake RegionAllison Tillotson McAuleyLydia Giguere WaynfleteTracie Townsend Bonny EagleErin Eastman Oxford HillsErin Morton Oxford HillsLauren Chadwick MBR Weekend 2012 MacKenzie Carter StearnsCierra LeClair WinslowSidney Moore NokomisOlivia Jensen Edward LitteKolleen Bouchard HoultonKristen Graham HoultonCece Hancock Lake RegionAshley Howe Thornton AcademyMontana Braxton Cape Elizabeth Margaret Hatch Greely Sarah Clement McAuleySadie Nelson Windham Maddie Hasson South Portland Spencer True Lake RegionJess Willerson Falmouth Lexi L'heureux FryeburgCaitlin Kane Mt. BlueEmily Jacques Edward Little Dominique Lewis LawrenceNia Irving LawrenceKarli Stubbs Edward Little Signe Ostergaard MorseHannah Morley BoothbayAvae Traina BoothbayCheyanne Libby Mattanawcook Academy Hannah Philippon John BapstAshley Libby Mattanawcook Madison McVicar CalaisAnna Ramsay NarraguagusAlex Mooney StearnsBrianna Skolfield CentralEmily Wark StearnsTaylor Pelkey StearnsMachenzie McHugh CentralShelby Cutten Madison Sarah Caron Boothbay Alexandra Clarke Boothbay Denise Thomas LisbonMorgan Crocker Boothbay Allison Crockett Hall-DaleSamantha Bruce Madison Taylor Esty RangeleyJamie Plummer RichmondMataya Hartin Southern AroostookGabby Therriault Buckfield Tori Letarte RangeleyAlyssa Pearson RichmondBrianna Snedeker RichmondSarah Grass Central AroostookMorgan Merchant Jonesport-BealsMorgan Thompson SchenckChelsea Brown DISKayla Cushman Central AroostookKate Whitney MachiasTate Dolley MachiasCarla Halvorson EastonJenna Demolet SheadMariah Wiley HodgdonJessica Tucker Southern AroostookSable Altvater Southern AroostookOlivia Smith McAuleyMarissa MacMillan DeeringAlexandra Clement McAuleyVictoria Lux McAuleyAshley Briggs ScarboroughKylie Libby CheverusDanica Gleason South PortlandHeather Leblanc SanfordKatie McCrum Thornton AcademyBrooke Flaherty CheverusAshlee Arnold Edward Little Miranda Nicely Mt. BlueMallory Nelson Mt. AraratJordan Maxwell Hampden Gabrielle Foy Mt. Blue Kristy Willey Mt. Ararat Caitlin LaFountain Mt. Ararat Abbie Eastman Oxford HillsAmy Hilton Mt. Blue Tianna Harriman Edward Little Kelsey Mayo MessalonskeeEmily Bolduc PolandSydney Hancock Lake RegionEmily Keene Spruce MtNSara Hancock Lake RegionLeigh Wyman FreeportJaclyn Storey Greely Skye Dole FryeburgEmily Campbell YorkMichele Dehetre GNGAubrey Pennell FreeportTiana-Jo Carter Lake RegionKristen Anderson LeavittAshley Storey GreelyMegan Ireland Presque IsleRaychel Alley HermonMeredith Stewart Presque IsleTaylor Banister GardinerKylee Granholm GardinerMackenzie Coiley FoxcroftMackenzie Foss Washington AcedemyJordon Knowlton CamdenLily Vachon OceansideAlexa Massey Caribou