ATHLETE’S ANGLE: Cheerleading not so easy

Posted by: MBR on Wed Jun 11th, 2014 7:27 am
ATHLETE’S ANGLE: Cheerleading not so easyDespite what detractors may think, Cony junior Christina Claudel and her teammates know that cheerleading is no joke.BY CHRISTINA CLAUDEL SPECIAL TO THE KENNEBEC JOURNAL[i:chao8bfj]Editor’s note: Athlete’s Angle is a new series in which area student-athletes share their stories from the fields, courts, pools and wherever else they compete. This week’s guest is Cony junior Christina Claudel, who plays soccer, lacrosse and competes on the cheerleading team. If your school is interested in participating in the series, please contact sports editor Bill Stewart at 621-5618[/i:chao8bfj].As my feet hit the mat, I immediately feel the penetrating stares, the thousands of eyes fixed on us. Every critic, every fan and every judge is there to watch me and what we can do. The countless hours spent in the gym come down to the next two minutes and 30 seconds. It is ‘make it or break it’ moment of a championship competition. I love the rush and the adrenaline as I soar through the air, tumbling, jumping and flying. Nobody can take away my pride in my team. I am, it seems, on top of the world...Read more: ... t-so-easy/