Canoeing in Maine: Go with the flows at Horseshoe Pond

Posted by: MBR on Sun Jun 1st, 2014 8:14 am
Canoeing in Maine: Go with the gentlest of flows at Horseshoe PondIt's flatwater paddling at its finest.By Michael Perry Sometimes Plan B works out to be even better than Plan A. Our initial plan was to paddle Cobbosseecontee Stream from Horseshoe Pond in West Gardiner northward for a few hours, but the water level was so high we could not limbo our way under the Route 126-9 bridge to head upstream. Option B: Explore Horseshoe Pond before heading downstream to Pleasant Pond, and then an up and back on Cold Stream before returning to Horseshoe Pond. This is all flatwater paddling with no perceivable current...Read more ... Pond_.html