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Lets Go Racing Football is DoneIt is hard to imagine that one week ago today I was witnessing the final hours of the Rolex 24 Hours of Daytona. Not a sign of snow! The racing was great, however, the human side was as exciting as the race. I hope to have my favorite story, Honda America Racing Team (HART), for the next episode. Meanwhile…Northern Maine Karting Association (NMKA) calling on interested kart racers for annual meetingNorthern Maine and western New Brunswick racers are invited to attend the NMKA annual meeting February 19 at 6 pm at Haney Building Specialties located at 236 Van Buren Road in Caribou. Discussion of the 2018 kart racing season will include race dates, rules, availability of race karts, trophy sponsors, and election of officers.http://upnorthmotorsports.bangordailyne ... l-is-done/
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Snowmobile Racing in the CountyCaribou Snowmobile Club drag racing resultsThe Caribou Snowmobile Drag Race was held January 28 while I was covering the Rolex 24 Hours of Daytona. I received the results recently thanks to Nick Morrill. From what I heard, there was about 650 spectators at the event and the weather was great for racers and fans.http://upnorthmotorsports.bangordailyne ... he-county/
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Daytona and Pro All Stars Series Spud Speedway Race Reactionshttp://upnorthmotorsports.bangordailyne ... reactions/
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Ripchair coming to the County, a story of inspirationThe story of quadriplegic Mike Chasse and the community recognizing his positive example and a Maine company helping to fulfill his dream of mobility with their high performance all terrain Ripchair. The results are in from Make-A-Wish fundraiser at Maine Indoor Karting. Read Morehttp://bangordailynews.com/link/ripchai ... spiration/
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WAR time down southWyatt Alexander Racing from Maine debuts in North Carolina for Easter Bunny 150, a family snowmobile race story, and more http://bangordailynews.com/link/war-time-down-south/
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Family, Friends and MemoriesSometimes the journey of a thousand miles begins with big steps. In the case of Wyatt Alexander Racing (WAR) that big step began in the summer of 2017 when the family cut back their season due to their driver, Wyatt, heading off to school in North Carolina.With Wyatt moving south the family had many tasks to accomplish before school started at University of North Carolina-Charlotte. For Jenn and Brett a son had to get moved from their home in Ellsworth to his new home not far from campus.For Wyatt’s sister Quinn, a transition had to be made from seeing her older brother daily to seeing him only on occasion. Wyatt and Quinn’s mother, Jenn Alexander said, “It has been tough on Quinn. She adores her brother. She misses him every day. Thankfully we have been able to see him several times since he made the move.”http://upnorthmotorsports.bangordailyne ... -memories/
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Lyn Michaud hydroplane racer Part II’ve always like outboard boats,” remarked Lyn Michaud retired owner of the Van Buren Ski Shop now living at Long Lake. “After high school I became friends with the Cyr boys (Greg, Paul and Mike) in Madawaska. They’re a little bit older and I probably helped them out some. Their dad (Pee Wee Cyr) had been racing”. {Side note we will hear more about the Cyr brothers in the next episode}I asked the former owner of the Van Buren Ski Shop, “Do you remember that first hydroplane race you watched and the first you actually raced?”“The first ones I ever saw were actually here at the Sporting Club. They raced way back in the Sinclair area for a few years”, recalled Michaud. “That would have been in the late 70s. I started racing I’m going to say, I’ll throw a year out, maybe ’82.”http://upnorthmotorsports.bangordailyne ... er-part-i/
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UP NORTH MOTORSPORTSLyn Michaud Part II, A brush with deathHydroplane racer Lyn Michaud survives a near fatal crash and a tribute to Gene Nolen USAC Silver Crown Car Owner. Make sure you peek at the videos near the end. http://bangordailynews.com/link/lyn-mic ... ith-death/
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Lyn Michaud Part III After the CrashAfter his horrific crash in 1989, Van Buren's Lyn Michaud was not about to quit hydroplane racing. His story continues in Part III. Broken but not defeated could be used to describe Van Buren, Maine native Lyn Michaud. He could have pulled away from the sport he loved. Few would blame him if he did. Afterall, his sport almost took his life. This is his story after the crash at West Thompson Lake in August 1989.Follow along as this determined young man recounts the battle after the crash in Connecticut. Though he could no longer be a driver as a result of the crash, Michaud continued as an owner/mechanic.Michaud remarked about his race injuries, “Yeah, I say these things don’t happen often, but they do. They certainly do happen.”http://upnorthmotorsports.bangordailyne ... the-crash/