Golf: On a 320-yard par-3 ... it's in the hole

Posted by: MBR on Sun Sep 22nd, 2013 8:35 am
Golf: On a 320-yard par-3 ... it's in the holeBy Tom Chard Matt Findlay, 24, of South Portland didn't see his tee shot go in the hole, but why would he? Even though he stands 6-foot-4, the hole was a par-4, the ninth at Willowdale Golf Course in Scarborough, measuring 320 yards. The fairway runs to the green below. Course officials said it's the first one they could recall at the ninth"I've been here 15 years and no one has made a hole-in-one on this hole," said Stan Arnold, who works the front desk at the course. "Several people have driven the green over the years, but no one has put it in the hole."...Read more: ... 09-22.html