Posted by: MBR on Sun Jul 7th, 2013 7:42 am
Canoeing: Keying in on Kezar's many charmsBy MICHAEL PERRYWith views of Kathadin from Togue Pond, the Bigelow Range from Flagstaff Lake, Tumbledown from Webb Lake and the bald summits of Acadia from Eagle Lake, Maine sure has its share of outstanding Alpine canoeing venues. Rivaling all these is the view of the Baldface's and Royce's from the Lower Bay of Kezar LakeRead more: ... 07-07.html
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Canoeing: For quintessential Maine: Take Dyer River, head northBy MICHAEL PERRYFor end of summer peace and quiet in a beautiful setting, put your canoe in at the mouth of the Dyer River in the village of Sheepscot and head north for a few hours. The Dyer River meets the Sheepscot River at the launch site behind the Garrison Hill Grange. You can park in a small space along the road east of the grange. A rough path leads a few yards down to the Sheepscot River. Paddle under the bridge spanning the Dyer River and follow its winding channel up through vast tracts of marsh grasses, bordered by distant forests and the occasional hillside pasture. Consult the DeLorme Maine Atlas and Gazetteer (map #7) for help in getting there...Read more: ... 09-01.html