Islanders shell-bent on lobster boat races

Posted by: MBR on Sun Jun 30th, 2013 5:59 am
Islanders shell-bent on lobster boat racesLong Island's lobster boat races were never part of the state's formal series, but that could change local enthusiasts get their way.By Deirdre Fleming LONG ISLAND - Stevie Johnson has been racing remodeled, jacked-up and ultra-fast lobster boats for most of 30 years. But the return of lobster boat racing to his home island comes at a particularly good time for Johnson.A few years ago, the boat builder took his skills to a new level when he started turning boats into fun and strange floating party platforms, like his Corvette-boat, Van-boat or Tiki-boat, the latest invention that will grace Casco Bay with a floating Caribbean bar this summer.Read more: ... 06-30.html