It's that first paddle on the Penobscot

Posted by: MBR on Sun May 5th, 2013 7:34 am
John Christie: It's that first paddle on the PenobscotIt's that first paddle on the PenobscotI know that I've made the transition from winter to spring when I hang up the boards (except for one last trip scheduled to the East Snowfields on Mount Washington with some pals in early June) and I slip the kayak off the Jeep and nudge it into the still-chilly waters of Penobscot Bay for my traditional inaugural April paddle.The excitement starts to build around Easter Sunday, the day I annually pull the kayak off the wall in the barn and mount it in its rollered rack on the car roof in anticipation of the first spring excursion on the water.Read more: ... 05-05.html